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How To Reverse Image Search? 2 Free Apps You Can Use Now

Step By Step Guide To Do A Reverse Image Search on Any Device?

Reverse image search is the process that allows you to upload the image or its URL on the browser and find its real source, or related images. You can use image search on browser like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. 

How To Reverse Image Search On Desktop?

On your device open your web browser and type in . In next step click on the camera icon that is in the search bar.

Reverse Image Search on Desktop

You will see a small box with two options on your screen. The first option is the Paste image URL and the second option Is Upload an image. In the first method, you need to type in the image’s URL and click on the search by images button, and it will show you the result.

you will see two options

Using the second option you can upload an image from your computer/ laptop. Click on the second option and it will give you the Choose File option to upload your file.

select image

Select the image from your device and upload it. within a second it will show you image source and related images.

search result

Pro Tip: While you were browsing a website, you saw an image and want to know about it or want some related images like that, so what did you do?

You will hover your mouse on that image. Right-click on your mouse and you will see additional options. Click on Search Google for image and it will search that image in the google image database and give you the result.

right click

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How To Reverse Image Search On Android Device?

On your mobile screen open browser and type in  You will notice you didn’t get a Camera icon in the search bar.  The Camera icon doesn’t visible on the mobile view.

Click three dots at the top right side of your mobile and you will see some settings. Now scroll down and tap on the Desktop site option, this will change the current page view into desktop view.

open google on mobile
desktop view

You are now in desktop view and the camera icon is also visible to you. Tap on it and you will see the same option that you saw on your computer/ laptop screen.

With the first option enter the image link and search it. With the second option, you can choose the image from your mobile phone and upload it. Click on Choose File and select from where you want to upload this file.

search icon
upload file

Once the file is uploaded it will show you the result.

Like Desktop you can also use the Pro Tip on the mobile phone to directly search the image in Google. This feature will work for both iOS and Android devices.

Screenshot 2020 09 14 11 01 57 308

How To Reverse Image Search On iPhone?

On your browser and type in  Tap on three dots at the bottom of your screen and then tap on the Request Desktop Site option, this will load the current page in desktop view. Tap on the camera icon and the rest options are the same.

search in iphone
Image source:

How To Reverse Image Search Using Bing Browser?

Like Google Chrome, you can also use another browser like Bing. Bing which is own by Microsoft is also doing image search but they named it Visual Search. Type in . On your search bar, you can see the icon looks like a camera. Tap on it and you will see a small window with three options.

The first option allows you to Drag and upload one or more images, with the second option you can paste the image URL and search it, and with the third option, you can take photos and search it online.   

bing search

How To Reverse Image Search Using Google Lens?

We all know about Google lens and we mostly use it to translate text, find a product to buy, or identify things but it can also be used to do a reverse image search. Open the Google lens app, navigate to an image, then tap the lens icon and it will start the image recognition process. Once it completes the process it will give you search results.

google lens
Image source:

Third-Party Image Search Engines

TinEye is a dedicated Reverse Image Search website that allows you to search using images. Visit the website and on the search bar, you can enter the image’s URL. Click the Arrow and you can upload images directly from your device.

Third-Party Image Search Engines

Useful Apps for Reverse Image Search

-Reversee (iOS)

For iOS devices, you can download the Reversee app. It’s a free app and it also has a paid version that comes with additional features. It support multiple search engines and you can edit image before searching it online.

reversee app

-Search by Image (Android)

Like iOS, we have an android app that you can download from Google play store. Search by Image app lets you make simple edits to your images before using them for search purposes. It has all the features you would want in a reverse image search app. It supports Google, Yandex, and Tineye, as well. Also, with this app, you can open shared images directly from Facebook or Twitter.

seach app



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