Easy Trick To Pair AirPods With Android Devices In Just 2 Minutes

Pair AirPods with Any Android Devices Using This Method

How to Pair AirPods with Android Devices

Are you a big fan of AirPods, sure should you be, as these small bombastic music systems can relax you can give you a premium feel, but you don’t know how to pair AirPods with android devices?

If AirPods Are Compatible With Android?

• It is obvious that if you are not using the AirPods with an iPhone or another Apple product, you won’t be able to access all premium features of it. But still, you get lots of features to use and by using third party application you can add more advanced features as well.

• No matter if you are using android or iPhone you can still control your AirPods Pro’s playback by squeezing/tapping the stems. You can use a long press to turn on noise cancellation and Transparent mode.

• As I told you that you can use third-party applications that let you view battery levels just by opening the case next to your phone. An application called Air Battery provides you features like this and the big thing is it is free.

• One very cool feature which you must have used on your AirPods is auto-pause and resume. It will auto-pause and Resume when you take an AirPods out and put them back in your ear. You might not able to use this feature with an android device. But as I told you some third-party apps like AirBattery claims that they support auto-pausing feature, but only when you’re playing music from Spotify. So, you can use this feature with this app.

• One more thing you can’t use Siri or Google Assistant with these AirPods like iPhone users can do. As it is an apple product and apple programmed it to work with iPhone and related system so, you need to do all these things manually through your mobile phone.

Let me show you how to pair AirPods with Android devices.

Follow these three steps guide and pair then with any android device in seconds.

So, the first step to do this is to go into the Bluetooth setting of your Android device and turn it on.

In the second step open your AirPods lid and at the backside of it, there is a small soft button.

open your AirPods lid

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Press and hold it for some seconds and you will see blue color light start blinking on AirPods, which indicate that it is ready to pair with your device.

You will see white light start blinking.
Now in the final step click on the scan button in your Bluetooth setting and it will locate your AirPods, click on its name and it start the pairing process.
click on its name and it start the pairing process.

You can use them just as you like any other Bluetooth headphones or earbuds. You just need to take them out of the case and start using it. They’ll auto-connect when taken out of the case, and auto-detects in which ear you are using them and it will disconnect when you put them back in the case, but as i already mention before you need to install third party application which will allow you to use these feature.

The best thing about these AirPods is that they support wireless charging, so if you have any android device like Samsung which support reverse charging than you can charge them up on the back of your phone. You can use other wireless charging pad, or Apple’s Lightning cable to charge them.

Unable To Pair Airpods?

Sometimes pairing an AirPods can be a mess for some person, especially for the non-tech guys. Some of the most common problems are that your phone can’t find the AirPods for some reason.

Start the troubleshooting process to find out the error.

• Troubleshooting steps involve checking if the AirPods is already connected to another device or not.

• If the AirPods and case have sufficient battery before you can pair them.

• If the case has the white light active or green, and when you start pairing if it blinks or not.

• Turn off your Bluetooth and then turn on, and then scan for the AirPods.

• You can Restart your handset and then try or you can use another android device then try to pair it, to make sure it’s not your device that’s the problem.

• Make sure while pairing these devices, keep them close.

• Check all these troubleshooting steps and try to pair it if you still not able to pair your AirPods then you can contact Apple and ask for resolution.

I hope this article will help you and give you some value. It you have any doubt or suggestions you can comment and mention the it. We will try to answer them as soon as we can.  

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