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Apple’s Vision Pro Headset Sells Out in Just 18 Minutes! Shipping Dates Extend

Apple’s highly anticipated Vision Pro mixed-reality headset is already a hot seller, with preorders quickly emptying out initial supplies. Even at a hefty $3,499 for the base model, buyers seem eager to dive into this new world of blended reality. But before you rush to grab one, let’s take a closer look at what this fancy headset offers and what to expect in the future.

Apple Vision Pro

Early Hype Leads to Fast Sellout of Apple Vision Pro

Apple’s Vision Pro went live for purchase on January 19th, and all three models quickly saw delivery dates pushed back to March. This could be due to either strong demand exceeding expectations, limited production initially, or a combination of both. Notably, the option to pick up the headset in person on launch day vanished at many locations, suggesting high interest or tight inventory.

More Price Tags, More Choices

Apple offered some flexibility with additional storage options: 512GB for $3,699 and 1TB for a whopping $3,899. The base 256GB model might feel limited for hardcore users who expect to download tons of virtual experiences. Accessories like a carrying case ($199), extra batteries ($199), and swappable bands ($99 each) add to the overall cost, making the Vision Pro a significant investment.

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Head Fit for a King, Sharing Not So Easy

To ensure the best experience, Apple requires a head scan using a recent iPhone or iPad. This scan determines the optimal fit for the light seal and strap, ensuring a comfortable and immersive experience. But sharing the headset with friends or family becomes tricky, as each user needs their own scan and potentially their own light seal and strap size.

Powerful Tech, Pricey Entry Fee

Analysts predict Apple will ship up to 400,000 Vision Pro units this year, generating around $1.4 billion. This slower rollout suggests Apple expects a gradual adoption, unlike the explosive popularity of some smartphones. With a price tag significantly higher than competitor Meta’s offering, the Vision Pro is clearly aiming for the premium market.

Comfort Question Mark

Some early testers reported the headset feeling heavy during extended use. This could be a hurdle for those hoping to spend hours exploring virtual worlds or working in augmented reality environments.

Apple’s Mixed-Reality Gamble

While the Vision Pro’s initial reception is promising, its long-term success depends on overcoming these challenges. Addressing concerns about weight, affordability, and device sharing could widen its appeal. Ultimately, Apple’s gamble on high-end mixed reality rests on delivering a truly transformative experience that justifies its premium price tag.


The Apple Vision Pro has made a strong entrance into the mixed-reality headset market, with preorders indicating a robust response from consumers. As the device becomes available globally, Apple’s measured approach and emphasis on premium quality position the Vision Pro as a contender in the competitive world of mixed reality. Despite some challenges, the unique features and advanced technology of the Vision Pro mark a significant milestone for Apple in the realm of virtual experiences.


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