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ClickMagick Review 2023:Is It a Game-Changer?

ClickMagick Review 2024:🚀Is It a Game-Changer?

Welcome to the most comprehensive ClickMagick Review of 2024! In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of ClickMagick, a powerful click tracking software that has revolutionized digital marketing strategies.

Things we will cover in our ClickMagick Review 2024 are:-
  • What is ClickMagick?
  • Key Features of ClickMagick
  • Why do you need ClickMagick?
  • ClickMagick: Pros and Cons
  • Getting Started with ClickMagick
    • Set up your domain/subdomain name in ClickMagick
    • Create Tracking Links in ClickMagick
    • Funnel Setup in ClickMagick
    • Dynamic Affiliate links in ClickMagick
    • ClickMagick Batch Editor
  • Track Conversions with ClickMagick
    • Use Sub IDs for tracking in ClickMagick
    • PostBack URL in ClickMagick
    • Pixel builder for tracking actions
    • Cross-device conversion tracking
  • Track Conversions with ClickMagick
    • ClickMagick A/B Testing
    • ClickMagick Bot Filtring Tool
    • Link Rotation in ClickMagick
  • ClickMagick Pricing Plans
  • Conclusion: ClickMagick Review 2024

What is ClickMagick?

ClickMagick is a well-known “link tracking software” on the internet. It was founded by Patrick Kelly in 2014. It is designed to provide seamless and accurate tracking of online and offline conversions. It helps you optimize your marketing campaigns across several channels, including sales funnels, social media, and blogs, and provides real-time stats.

ClickMagick provides various powerful tracking features like A/B split testing, Link rotation, cross-device tracking, online and offline sales tracking, and much more.

In simple words, it is the best click tracking tool that can help you track every click or conversion.

Key Features of ClickMagick

Here are some of the powerful features that can supercharge your marketing efforts.

  • Track Your Entire Website’s Sales Funnel

  • Customized Tracking Links

  • Real-Time Stats and Reports

  • A/B Split Testing

  • Seamless Cross-Device Tracking

  • Unlock Offline Sales Insights

  • Unlimited Custom Domains

  • Dynamic Affiliate Links

  • Google Analytics Compatible

  • Advanced Geotargeting & Mobile Optimization

  • Click Fraud Protection & Traffic Quality Analysis

  • Easily Add Retargeting Pixels to Any Link

  • Effortless Data Management

Why do you need ClickMagick?

Link tracking tools play an important role in online marketing. These tools offer valuable insights about your campaigns and help you understand customer behavior. With real-time data, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing strategies for greater success. Let’s take an example:

Raj is an affiliate marketer. He has a sales funnel where he drives traffic through blog posts, YouTube, Social Media Posts, Facebook, and Google Ads, but he doesn’t know which traffic source is converting better.

Click tracking tools, such as ClickMagick can help him find out the most successful traffic sources that lead to higher conversions.

ClickMagick: Pros and Cons


  • Track your ads on various platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and other paid ads
  • Automated split testing for effortless landing page optimization
  • Full integration with Facebook’s Conversion API
  • Enjoy a 14-day free trial without any limitations
  • With the funnel builder tool, creating links for your funnel becomes a breeze.
  • Track offline conversions for comprehensive insights
  • The Postback URL functionality allows seamless conversion tracking without the need for pixels, especially valuable for affiliate offers
  • The link rotation feature efficiently distributes traffic among different offers, making it useful for click selling.
  • Experience true cross-device tracking for accurate user behavior analysis across multiple devices
  • Access real-time stats, including conversion rates, ad spend, average order value, and more
  • Extensive knowledgebase with over 400 articles and tutorials for software usage
  • ClickMagick impresses with a range of useful utilities, such as Click ID Lookup, IP lookup, and Pixel Debugger, among others
  • Enjoy a 30-day money-back guarantee for peace of mind


  • Learning curve for newcomers due to the software’s wide range of features
  • UX/UI can be improved for simpler feature understanding.

Getting Started with ClickMagick

Set up your own domain/subdomain name in ClickMagick

ClickMagick Review 2023 Set up your own domain

Create Tracking Links in ClickMagick

ClickMagick offers unparalleled link customization options. Let’s see how to add a new link in clickmagick.

Set up your own domain/subdomain name in ClickMagick

Go to the “Links” section, then click on “Create a New Link.” Here, you’ll need to give your link a name and pick the tracking link you want to use, along with the main URL. As you can see in the example above, each link you make comes with a bunch of choices, like:

  • Basic: Here you can enter the link name, slug, your custom domain, and set the destination URL.
  • Cloak: ClickMagick’s link cloaking feature is truly amazing. This feature is very useful when your affiliate links are blacklisted by email marketing software or Facebook.
  • Pixels: Here, you can add the tracking pixel/ conversion pixel code which will triggered when someone clicks on it.
  • Funnel: Here, you have the option to designate a link as the entry point of your funnel and choose the conversion attribution. This feature is really significant because ClickMagick tracks a person’s entire journey through the funnel
  • Cost: Using this feature you can set up your traffic cost, enabling ClickMagick to accurately report ROI and other performance metrics.
  • URLs: Here, you can establish a backup URL for cases when the main URL is inaccessible, specify a mobile URL for instances where you have a dedicated landing page for mobile devices, and designate a repeat URL where individuals who click the link a second time will be directed.
  • Geo: Using this features you can enable or disable the link for different countries.
  • Filter: This feature helps you filter out traffic from bots, server, and spider traffic, ensuring reliable reporting.
  • Misc: Utilize this feature you can set maximum clicks, passwords, and more.

With ClickMagick’s comprehensive options, you can tailor your links precisely to meet your specific tracking and marketing needs.

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Funnel Setup in ClickMagick

Using this tool, you can efficiently generate multiple links for different landing pages within your funnel.

To access this feature, navigate to “Tools” and select “Funnel Setup.”

This streamlined process allows you to swiftly create links for your entire funnel, saving you valuable time and effort.

Dynamic Affiliate links in ClickMagick

With this tool, you have the potential to redirect users to your own affiliate sales page instead of the merchant’s affiliate page while still setting the affiliate cookie and earning a commission.

Suppose you’re promoting an SEO product, and the original affiliate sales page provided by the merchant is not good. In such a scenario, you might think that you can create a better sales page to improve conversions.”

To implement this, follow these steps:

Under “Create link,” set your affiliate landing page as the destination URL.

In the “Dynamic affiliate links” section, input the original raw affiliate URL of the merchant’s sales page.

By utilizing dynamic affiliate links, you can effectively direct users to your optimized sales page while ensuring that the necessary affiliate cookie is set, allowing you to earn commissions for your conversions. This approach offers greater control and flexibility in promoting affiliate products.

ClickMagick Batch Editor

 ClickMagick’s Batch Editor, located under “Tools,” provides a convenient way to edit multiple ClickMagick links simultaneously.

By using the Batch Editor, you can efficiently modify common settings across all the links you’ve created, saving you valuable time and effort. This feature streamlines the process of managing and updating your links, allowing you to make changes in bulk without the need for individual edits.

Whether it’s adjusting tracking settings, updating destination URLs, or implementing other changes, the Batch Editor proves to be a powerful tool for efficiently managing your ClickMagick links.

Use Sub IDs for Tracking in ClickMagick

Using sub-IDs in ClickMagick, you can effectively track link clicks and actions across various sources.

Let’s consider an example of a ClickMagick link – Let’s assume you have a link

If you want to promote this link on different platforms like blog posts, Facebook, YouTube videos, ads, etc., you can use unique sub-IDs to track them:

  • Blog post 1 – /my-affiliate-product/my-blog/post1
  • Blog post 2 – /my-affiliate-product/my-blog/post2
  • YouTube video – /my-affiliate-product/my-channel/video1
  • FB ad 1 – /my-affiliate-product/fb-ad/my-campaign/ad1
  • Google Ad 1

You can customize the sub-IDs to match your specific identifiers.

By using these sub-IDs, you gain valuable insights about the traffic source. The reports will help you analyze and optimize your marketing efforts systematically, allowing you to identify which sources are converting well.

PostBack URL in ClickMagick

ClickMagick postback url tool

In some cases, mapping a user’s journey in your funnel can be challenging, especially when you lack control over your affiliate merchant’s landing page, preventing you from adding pixel codes for tracking.

To address this, many affiliate programs support postback URLs, which allow reporting conversions back to ClickMagick servers.

To set this up, follow these steps:

Copy the postback URL provided by ClickMagick.

Paste the postback URL into the settings of your affiliate network. This allows your affiliate platform to send data to ClickMagick whenever a sale occurs.

ClickMagick simplifies the process with the “Postback URL,” accessible under “Tools.”

In the Postback URL builder, select your affiliate network from the options provided. ClickMagick will display the postback URL format specific to your affiliate network. Ensure you enter your affiliate URL to generate the postback-compatible URL required for tracking.

While setting this up, remember to pass the unique sub-ID provided by ClickMagick for accurate tracking.

By utilizing postback URLs, you can effectively track conversions even when you lack direct control over your affiliate merchant’s landing page, enhancing your ability to measure the success of your marketing efforts and optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Pixel Builder for Tracking Actions

Now, let’s explore how ClickMagick can monitor different activities on your website, such as sign-ups and visits.

ClickMagick offers a “Pixel Builder,” accessible under “Tools,” which enables you to create tracking pixels in either HTML (ideal for external sites you don’t own) or JavaScript format.

By implementing these tracking pixels, ClickMagick can effectively monitor and analyze user interactions on your website. Whether it’s measuring sign-ups, visits, or other activities, the Pixel Builder provides a seamless way to integrate tracking capabilities into your site.

With the Pixel Builder, you gain valuable insights into user behavior, enabling you to make informed decisions and optimize your marketing strategies for improved results. This powerful tool enhances your ability to understand and engage with your audience, leading to enhanced performance and success in your online endeavors.

In ClickMagick’s “Pixel Builder,” pay attention to three crucial elements:

  1. Select the objective: Choose from actions, engagements, or sales to define the purpose of the tracking pixel.
  2. Reference value: Add a concise identifier text for the specific action you wish to track.
  3. Type of pixel: Decide whether you need an HTML or JavaScript pixel, depending on your site’s requirements.

After customizing the pixel, copy the resulting code and paste it into the <head> section of your webpage. In the example provided, the pixel is placed on the webinar thank you page.

Alternatively, you can also insert the pixel code in the “Pixels” section of the ClickMagick link. Doing so will trigger the pixel the moment people click on your link, rather than when they land on your page. However, in the given scenario, visitors won’t directly click a link to the thank you page.

By utilizing the Pixel Builder, you can effectively track actions, engagements, or sales on your website, gaining valuable insights into user behavior. Integrating these tracking pixels empowers you to make data-driven decisions, optimize your marketing efforts, and enhance overall performance for a successful online presence.

Cross-Device Conversion Tracking

Next we have cross-device conversion tracking which help in tracking cross device platform conversion, across all its campaigns.

Imagine this scenario: A user clicks on your Google or Facebook ad and subscribes to your list using their mobile device. After few days, he receive an email from you on his computer, where he click a link in the email, and complete a purchase.

With cross-device tracking, this user’s journey is seamlessly connected across devices. The system recognizes that the same user interacted with your ad on their mobile device and later made a purchase through the email link on their desktop.

 Without cross-device tracking, this valuable connection might be lost, and the sale could be attributed to a new user instead. Want to setup cross device tracking? Check out this post now.

ClickMagick A/B Testing

A/B testing in ClickMagick enables you to assign multiple variations of the URL to a single link and set the traffic allocation for each variation.

During A/B testing, the ClickMagick link directs visitors to the different links set up under variations, allowing you to compare their performance and determine the winning variation.

This feature is particularly valuable for testing the effectiveness of different landing pages. By analyzing the results, you can identify which variation resonates best with your audience and drives better conversions.

If you are already using tools like Google Optimize, VWO, or Optimizely to present different variations of a page under the same URL, the A/B testing feature in ClickMagick may not be necessary for your specific needs. 

However, for users seeking a convenient and dedicated A/B testing solution within ClickMagick, this feature proves to be a powerful tool for optimizing their marketing efforts and achieving higher performance.

ClickMagick Bot Filtring Tool

ClickMagick Review 2023 bot filtering

ClickMagick provides a valuable solution for combating the issue of “bot traffic,” which refers to internet traffic generated by automated software or bots. This kind of traffic is useless and can significantly distort your traffic statistics and ad budget.

With ClickMagick’s automatic bot filtering feature, you can ensure that you receive accurate and reliable traffic statistics. To block bot traffic for all your tracking links and rotators, simply navigate to the Filter tab and select “Block” for the “Bot” category.

By enabling this feature, ClickMagick effectively filters out bot-generated traffic, allowing you to focus on genuine and meaningful interactions with your website and advertisements. This ensures that your analytics and ad spending reflect real user behavior, leading to better decision-making and improved performance in your online campaigns.

Link Rotation in ClickMagick

Set up your own domain/subdomain name in ClickMagick

With ClickMagick’s link rotation feature, you can assign multiple URLs to a single ClickMagick link and direct visitors to these URLs in various rotation modes:

  1. Fulfilment Mode: Sends all traffic, including repeat clicks from the same user, to the first active URL in the rotator until that URL exceeds the given maximum number of unique clicks (plus bonus).
  2. Spillover Mode: As repeat visitors touch the rotator many times, traffic is sent to each URL in the rotator one after the other.
  3. Random Mode: Distributes clicks to all active URLs at random, guaranteeing even traffic distribution.
  4. Sequential Mode: Sends incoming clicks to each rotator URL in sequence, looping back to the first URL when the list reaches the bottom.

It’s important to differentiate A/B testing from link rotation:

A/B Testing: In A/B testing, the visitor consistently sees the same page when clicking on a link repeatedly. This ensures that results are not distorted. Link rotation, on the other hand, redirects visitors to different URLs depending on the rotation mode selected.

Link Rotators’ Extra Settings: Link rotators offer additional settings for click selling purposes, making them more suitable for selling solo ads or managing ad co-ops.

By understanding the distinctions between A/B testing and link rotation, you can effectively utilize ClickMagick’s features to optimize your marketing efforts and achieve better results for your campaigns.

ClickMagick Pricing Plans

ClickMagick offers three pricing packages tailored to various user needs:

>>Starter Plan: Ideal for beginners seeking basic tracking features at $49 per month, including:

  • Track up to 10,000 clicks monthly
  • TrueTracking® Platform
  • Real-Time Stats & Reports
  • 1 Team Member
  • 1 Website, Store or Funnel
  • 2 Custom Tracking Domains
  • 6-Month Data Retention
  • Basic Online Support

>>Standard Plan: Suited for growing businesses at $99 per month, providing the following features:

  • Tracking up to 100,000 clicks monthly
  • Up to 3 team members
  • 5 Websites, Stores or Funnels
  • Unlimited conversions
  • API & Zapier Access
  • Core TrueTracking features
  • Cross-device tracking
  • Phone/offline sales tracking
  • Audience optimization
  • Facebook conversions API
  • PPC Click Shield
  • Funnel tracking for 5 projects
  • Up to 10 custom tracking domains
  • 1-year data retention
  • 2-hour helpdesk support
  • Live chat support
  • 1-on-1 onboarding call
  • Phone support
  • Mobile App

>>Pro Plan: Perfect for users seeking unlimited features with extended tracking limits at $199 per month, which includes:

  • Track up to 1 million clicks monthly
  • Add Unlimited team members
  • Unlimited Funnel Tracking
  • Unlimited Custom Domains
  • Unlimited Integrations
  • Unlimited Ad AccountsAdding unlimited custom domains
  • “Done For You” Support
  • 2-year data retention

Try ClickMagick 14 Day Free Trial

Conclusion: ClickMagick Review 2024

Overall I would say, ClickMagick is the best link tracking software in the market. It’s priced well and offers extremely flexible features compared to its competitors. 

It is critical to understand which parts of your traffic generating require improvement. A reliable click tracking tool is essential for this insight, and in my view, ClickMagick claims the top spot. I hope you found this ClickMagick review helpful. 

If you have any queries, please share them in the comments


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