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Udimi Solo Ads- Clear And Unbiased Facts About Udimi solo ads

Udimi solo ads

Udimi Review- (2022) The Untold Secrets of Udimi Solo Ads

  Growing your business has never been easy, but using Udimi Solo Ads can grow your business steadily.  If you are looking to build an email list and drive traffic to your landing page, solo ads are one of the best traffic source options out there. They are great for marketers who have a low budget or for those who wants to promote niches that has intense competition like Internet Marketing, Make Money Online,  Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. Do you want to make consistent profit on your every click you buy? Try Solo Ads.In this “Udimi Review” you will learn about, how its work, it’s Pros & Cons, it’s features and alternatives and finally, if Udimi Solo Ads are really worth it or not. and how to find best Solo Ads vendors on udimi. Things I will cover in my Udimi Review are
  • What is Solo Ads? How do they work?
  • Why use Solo Ads?
  • Where to buy Solo Ads?
  • Udimi solo ads
  • Why Udimi Solo Ads are different from other Solo Ads Platforms?
  • How to find the best solo ads vendor on Udimi?
  • How to buy solo Ads on Udimi?
  • Udimi Solo Ads Pros & cons
  • Udimi Prime Membership
  • Udimi Solo Ads Review- Conclusio

What Is Solo Ads? How They Work?

For those who don’t know about solo ads, it is like a deal between two parties. You as an advertiser want to promote your products, you give the link of the product you want to promote to the seller who has a huge list of subscribers. The seller will send emails (with your link) to his email list. When people use these links and buy advertiser (you) will make the money. And to share your link seller will charge you some money.

Why Solo Ads?

Solo ads are the best and most efficient way to promote your products. Using this you can increase your reach and connect with the potential customer. Other than this is also helps you in creating an email list. The bigger the email list the more the product you can promote. If we compare Facebook and Google Ads with solo ads, then definitely solo ads are the clear winner, because it doesn’t require any keyword research or interest-based targeting.

Where To Buy Solo Ads?

There are lots of platforms available on the internet some of them are Udimi, soloadsx, oursoloads, etc.

Udimi Solo Ads

Udimi is one of the biggest solo ads marketplaces in the world. It has hundreds of solo ads vendors on its platform. If anyone wants to promote his product or service, they can come to Udimi and buy solo ads. You can sing up for free. After sign up, you can pick a vendor as per your choice and make a deal.

What Makes Udimi Special From Other Solo Ads Platforms?

People trust Udimi because it always protects its customers from spammers and fraudsters. Udimi uses special tools to filter out fake and useless clicks so that buyers didn’t lose any money. Other than this Udimi also have a robust refund policy, so if a seller didn’t deliver the clicks you will be refunded.

How To Find Best Solo Ads Vendor On Udimi?

There are some important factors that help us to find the best solo ads vendor. Conversion Rate- It is one of the Most Important factors. The better the conversion rate the more you will earn. If a Udimi Solo Ads seller has a 40% conversion rate which means out of the 100 visitors 40 will covert. You can easily find the conversion rate on every ad seller profile. Cost Per User- This is the price you will be charged by the ads seller for every visitor he will send. For example, Khaled a solo ads seller charge 69 cents per visitor. If you buy 100 visitors from him then he will charge you $69 for that. Feedback- User can write their review about the solo ads, its performance, and if it works for them or not. Whenever you open any Ad seller’s profile do check old customers review. More positive reviews mean the seller is providing good ads. Niche/Category- On Udimi you can use filters to sort the ad sellers and find the one as per your niche. If you buy solo ads from someone who didn’t trade in your niche then you might see a poor result, so always check the seller’s profile and in which niche he is dealing. Grow You Business Now

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How To Buy Solo Ads From Udimi?

If you want to learn how to buy Udimi solo ads then follow these steps. How to buy solo Ads from Udimi?
  • After signup, you will be redirected to your dashboard. Click on the Find Seller option from the top menu and you will see a list of vendors on your screen. Now pick an ad vendor and move to the next step.
  • You can also find vendors using filters. You can use Price filter and sort them from cheapest to costlier, using Niche filter you can choose the category you want to target. Play with these filters and sort the best ad sellers.
find solo ad vendor
  • After using these filters pick an ads seller like, I picked Khaled. Now it’s time to decide how many visitors you want. If you are doing for the first time then I will suggest you try with less something line 100 or 150 visitors. After you saw positive conversion you can hire him again.
  • You can find the Delivery Date which tells us that the ad seller will send these visitors on this date.
  • You will see some additional filter link Only mobile, only top tier that can be used to target a specific audience. For example, if your target audience uses mobile-only then you can tick only mobile filter, and if you want to target top tier areas like the USA, Canada, Australia, etc., then tick Top Tier.
analyse Solo ads vendor
  • Next, you have link option. You need to add the link where you want to send all these visitors.
  • Check everything one more time and then click on Add To Cart Button, make the payment and then sit back and relax.

Udimi Solo Ads Pros & Cons

How can I miss the Pros & Cons in my udimi solo ads review?  These Pros & Cons will give you a clear picture of Udimi, and how good it is.


  • Udimi provides the best solo ads in the world. It picked ad sellers very precisely. Udimi accepts solo ads sellers only when they complete all the quality tests.
  • Just like PayPal, Udimi also has a buyer protection policy. It will ensure that buyers get real clicks. It filtered out the fake clicks that are come from bots.
  • You can give your feedback about the vendor and don’t worry Udimi won’t delete it.
  • People trust Udimi because their Solo ads convert very well. You can expect 20-40% conversion which makes them super appealing.
  • You can create your own email list with some smart work.
  • You get new email subscribers; you can target them and promote any products you want.


  • You need to invest first, to see some results.
  • It is possible that you might not get the same result as you expect from your first solo ads.
Sign Up and Get $10 Discount

Udimi Prime Membership

Udimi also offers a Prime Membership service to its users. It is optional and it will cost you $19.95. With Prime Membership, you will get Super advanced filters using that you can find the best performing solo ad vendor. Oher then this Prime members are twice as likely to win a discount when they post a rating on solo ads. Other than that if you join the Udimi Affiliate program then you can earn 50% commission from the Prime subscription and 15% from each solo ad you refer to.

Udimi Solo Ads Review- Conclusion

I have personally tested so many Solo ads and Udimi is really the best solo ad provider in the market. It is hard to find someone like Udimi who protects its customers from frauds and spams and provides the best deal. If you are planning to buy solo ads then I  Try  Udimi. I tried to answer all the question in my Udimi Solo Ads Review. If you have any questions or suggestions you can comment below. Like This Post. Share it with your friends. Cheers!

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