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Wp Reset Review 2022 Fix Bugs Or Reset WordPress Site Easily

WP Reset Review-Fix WordPress Website Effortlessly

Thank you for stopping by, as I can see you are searching for WP Reset Review. WP Reset is a powerful plugin that allows you to reset the WordPress site without losing your important information.

I get to know about WP Reset from one of my friends who is a developer. He works on plugins. One day I notice my website isn’t working fine so, I change its theme but still, the problem is the same then I deactivate all my plugins but didn’t find the real problem.

When I ask my friend to help me, he suggests me to use the WP Reset plugin. I bought the plugin and within a few moments, this plugin fixes the issue without hurting my database and other important stuff. I am very impressed with this plugin.

Suddenly one question strike in my mind How many people are there in the world whose website isn’t working or they want to reset WordPress to its default condition. And if they know they can fix it with just a plugin or not?

So, I decided to write a WP Reset Review post in which I will review it and guide you all how to use it to reset and restore your website effortlessly.

What is WP Reset?

WP Reset is one of the best plugins used by people for fixing WordPress errors and resetting the database. Using it you can reset WordPress to its default state without losing or modifying any files.

The plugin can delete all the customizations and content. Using this plugin, you can debug your website and remove the affected plugins or themes easily. WP Reset comes with multilayer safety that will protect your website and its database from any accidental loss.

This plugin is very popular among developers. Using it Developers can speed up their testing and debugging work.

WP Reset comes with very useful features like one-click reset, Emergency Recovery Script, Keyless activation, etc.  Its one-click reset feature allows you to reset your WordPress site instantly.

Difference Between WP Reset Free Version VS WP Reset Pro Version

WP Reset offers two variants Free and Pro. The free version is good for basic work but if you want to do so some heavy lifting then you need to upgrade to WP Reset Pro. Below you can see all the features you will get with the WP Reset Pro. For my WP Reset Review, I used WP Reset Pro, because I want to check if the Pro version is really worth it or not, and I must say it is worth buying.

WP Reset Free Version VS WP Reset Pro Version

WP Reset’s Features

In my WP Reset Review, I will try to cover all the important features. WP Reset has lots of premium features, out of these premium features let’s see some of the most useful ones.

1. Keyless Activations

Once you buy WP Reset you get access to your WP Reset Dashboard where you can manage your License Key, and other important stuff.

To activate your license you have two option one is by entering the License key manually in the Plugin and activate it. To do this you first need to open your WP Reset Dashboard and copy the License Key then open your WordPress website and then paste the code there and then activate it.

In the second option, you don’t have to paste the license key somewhere. Open your WP Reset Dashboard and click on the License option. There you can see all the websites that are using this license. Click on the Add New License option.

Screenshot 4

On the Basic Info tab, you have two options 1st is Key activation on any side by entering the license key and 2nd is Domain activation without a key only the site whose domain matches the set in License.

Choose the 2nd option and in the Domain section enter your website name, then scroll down and from the Valid Until tab, you can select the time period for the license. Other than this you have the Additional info tab from there you can add some additional features like White Label, WP Rest Cloud, etc.

Save all the settings and go to your WordPress dashboard. Open your WP Reset Plugin and click on Keyless Activation and Boom your license is active.

keyless activation button

2. The Emergency Recovery Script (ERS)

Emergency Recovery Script is one of the Life-saving features that the WP Reset plugin has.

Suppose your website got crashed because of some malware or plugin and now you have nothing just a white screen. Everything is gone, and your website kicks you out of the dashboard panel and you can’t access it. How did you fix it?

To fix this issue go to your WP Reset Dashboard and click on the ERS option. Now you need to Generate a new Emergency Recovery Script for your website. Scroll down and click o the Download ERS button and it will download the Recovery Script on your device.

Screenshot 1
You need to upload this script in your root directory using FTP. Once you upload the script you need to recover your website. To access the Recovery Mode, you have a URL and Password on your screen. Use them to login Recovery Mode and scroll down you will see all the files and tables that are missing on your website.
wp Reset Recovery mode

Click on the Reinstall All Core Files button and it will reinstall them. Other than this you can install necessary plugins and themes as well. Now reload your file and you will see it’s working fine. (If you see any design issue that can be due to plugin deactivation, activate them and then check)

3. The Collections Feature

When you reset a website, you lost all the plugins and themes and need to install them one by one, which will take lots of time. WP Reset has a solution to this issue. They included a way to save all your favorite plugins and theme. Using WP Reset you can save them in a Collection and install all your favorite plugins and theme in a single click.

To create a Collection, go to your WordPress dashboard. Click on Tools and then open the WP Reset plugin. From the top menu click on Collection. Click on Add New Collection and name it. Then start adding your Themes and Plugins to the collection.

And if you want to install all of them in one then from the drop-down choose Install and Activate Collection and wait for it to complete the installation.

The Collections Feature

4. Snapshot

Snapshot is a very helpful feature that will help you in rollback. Suppose your plugins/ theme start behaving differently and broke your website, at that moment you can use Snapshot features and roll back your website to its old state.

create a new snapshot

To use this feature, you need to create a snapshot. To do this click on the Snapshot option from the plugin menu. Then click on Create Snapshot and enter a name for it. It will collect the data and save it under that name. Whenever you face an issue you can use this to roll back the changes.

Other than this you can find more advanced features like Automatically create snapshots before running WP Reset, Automatically create snapshots when doing upload, and manipulating Plugins & Theme in the Setting tab. Turn these features on and it will automatically create a new snapshot for you.

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5.Two Factor-Safe Mechanisms

When you are working on a website it is quite common to press some buttons by mistake, but what happens if you delete your site by mistake. To protect you from this WP Reset, added a two-factor safety mechanism. Before deleting anything, the plugin will ask you to confirm it.

Whether you choose Site Reset or Nuclear Reset you have to confirm it by typing “reset” in the box.


6. Risk-Free- 100% Money Back Guarantee!

WP Reset is a risk-free product. As per WP Reset you can try this plugin and fix your website, if you don’t like it over the 7 days you can ask for a refund. The company will pay you 100% money without asking any questions.


How To Use WP Reset?

If you are getting tired of searching how to reset WordPress website Or how to reset WordPress to default, then don’t worry WP Reset is here. Using WP Reset you can reset your WordPress website and remove all the bugs effortlessly.

In the WP Reset plugin, you have three types of reset options –Options: Reset, Site Reset, Nuclear Reset.

-Follow these steps to reset your website using Site Reset.

  • Scroll down and you will see the Site Reset tab.
  • On this tab, you will see some other options like Reset Current Theme, Reactivate WP Reset, Reactivate All Currently Active Plugins.
  • Check these options and then type in reset in the box then hit the Reset Site Now If you open your website you will see everything is gone and you left with a default WordPress site.

-Follow these steps to reset your website using Nuclear Site Reset.

  • Scroll down to Nuclear Site Reset
  • Check the Reactivate WP Reset option
  • Type in reset and then click on Reset WordPress And Delete All Custom Files And Data
  • Your website is reset and all the plugins and themes are removed.

Why Choose WP Reset?

When you buy WP Reset you will get 

  • 100 sites license
  • 20 WP Reset Cloud Site Licenses
  • 25+ tools
  • Emergency Recovery Script
  • Snapshots & Auto Snapshots options
  • Plugin & themes collections options
  • WP Reset Dashboard
  • License Manager
  • White-label option

WP Reset Review-Conclusion

Before writing my WP Reset Review I tested it extensively and for me, it is like a lifesaver that can help you reset and fix your website effortlessly. I love this plugin and also like to recommend it to all the people who are facing errors.

I hope my WP Reset Review will help you. If you have any suggestions or query you can comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reset wordpress to default?

If you are struggling with your website and don’t know how to reset wordpress to default? then don’t worry. You should use WP Reset plugin. Using this you can easily reset wordpress effortlessly.

How to reset wordpress site without losing any data?

Wanna know how to reset WordPress, Don’t go for complicated options use WP Reset and it will reset WordPress to default without losing any data.

If you really bought it and use it?

Yes, as I already mentioned in the post that I bought it to test it and to write my WP Reset review.

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