High-risk warning 

The Indian government issued additional security warnings targeting users of Samsung Galaxy phones. 

By- IllogicalTech

Vulnerabilities Across Models 

The security alert identifies vulnerabilities affecting millions of Samsung Galaxy phones, including both older and newer models. 

Potential impact

The reported vulnerabilities could allow attackers to bypass security restrictions, access sensitive information, of the targeted system. 

Nature of Vulnerabilities 

Attackers can bypass security, access sensitive data, and even run malicious code. 

Affected Devices 

Samsung phones running Android 11, 12, 13, 14, especially Galaxy S23, Z Flip5, Z Fold5. 

Specific Threats 

The vulnerabilities act as weak spots in the device's security walls, enabling specific threats like stealing information and controlling the phone remotely. 

User Instructions 

Samsung Galaxy phone users are strongly advised to update their device's operating system and firmware promptly to mitigate potential threats.  

Fix Released 

Samsung has released a fix for these vulnerabilities, and users are urged to install the update as soon as possible to enhance the security of their devices.