Watch Everything Apple Announced at Its ‘Scary Fast’ MacBook Pro and iMac Event – Video


Speaker 1: Good evening and welcome to Apple Park. Tonight we’re doing something special to celebrate a product we all love the Mac.

Speaker 2: Introducing M three, M three PRO and M three max. They feature a number of groundbreaking technologies and show how far Apple silicone for the Mac has come. Since the debut of the M one family to start, they’re the first chips for a personal computer [00:00:30] built using the industry leading three nanometer technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art, extreme ultraviolet lithography. Three nanometer technology creates transistors that are so small you could fit 2 million of them in the cross section of a human hair. We use this cutting edge transistors to advance every component of these new chips to deliver increased performance and new features to every chip in the family. The biggest advancement comes with AGPU. [00:01:00] The M three Family of Chips introduces a next generation GPU that takes the largest leap forward in graphics architecture ever for Apple silicon. It starts with a new micro architecture that has a breakthrough feature we call dynamic caching and Industry.

Speaker 2: First, in a traditional graphics architecture software determines the amount of local GPU memory that’s allocated to upcoming tasks. At Compiled type, this results in reserving the same amount of [00:01:30] memory for every task based on the needs of the single most demanding task, which means the GPU is underutilized, especially with complex programs in our next generation, GPU local memory gets dynamically allocated in hardware in real time, so only the exact amount of memory that is needed is used for each task. This dramatically increases the average utilization of the GPU, which significantly increases performance for [00:02:00] the most demanding pro apps and games. This is on industry

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Speaker 2: And the cornerstone of our new GPU architecture. So that’s the groundbreaking M three, M three PRO, and M three max. With three nanometer technology, a next generation GPO architecture, a higher performance CPU, faster neural engine and support. For even more unified memory, there are the most advanced chips ever built. For a personal computer,

Speaker 3: [00:02:30] The new MacBook Pro is scary fast. And with M three, M three Pro and M three max, there’s a perfect model for everyone. Let’s begin with the 14 inch MacBook Pro. It now starts with the M three chip, making it the ideal laptop for users pursuing their passions. Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, creator, or combination of all three, you’ll find everyday tasks lightning fast. And when you’re using [00:03:00] pro apps or playing games, the advanced thermal system allows you to sustain the phenomenal performance of M three. In fact, the 14 inch MacBook Pro with M three is up to 60% faster than the 13 inch MacBook Pro with M one. So it’s great for working with demanding content across a variety of workflows, such as making intricate three D models in SketchUp faster than before, or viewing and interacting with large medical [00:03:30] images in surgical AR with stunning detail on the XDR display and hardware.

Speaker 3: Accelerated Ray tracing enables gameplay with incredibly realistic lighting shadows and reflections in games like Mist. Next, let’s talk about the 14 and 16 inch MacBook Pro with M three pro, which provides even greater performance and additional unified memory for users with more demanding workflows like coders, creative Pros [00:04:00] and researchers with M three Pro, MacBook Pro is up to 40% faster than the 16 inch model with M one Pro. So stitching together and manipulating enormous panoramic photos in Photoshop is much quicker. Working on large and complex data models in MATLAB is more fluid and compiling and testing millions of lines of code in Xcode is even faster. Now let’s turn to MacBook Pro with M three max. [00:04:30] For users with extreme workflows like AI developers, three D artists and video professionals, it’s an absolute beast. It provides performance and capabilities that push the limits of computing.

Speaker 3: With M three max, it’s up to two and a half times faster than the 16 inch MacBook Pro with M one Max. Thanks to the next generation GPU architecture and M three Max, you can model and iterate remarkably complex three D content in [00:05:00] cinema four D with Redshift, and you can do it faster than ever, even while away from the studio. So that’s the remarkably powerful and capable new MacBook Pro. With the power of the M three family of chips, up to 22 hours of battery life, a stunning liquid retina XDR display and advanced connectivity, there’s simply no other laptop like MacBook Pro.

Speaker 4: The 14 inch MacBook Pro delivers more performance and capabilities than ever, [00:05:30] and while it previously started at 1999, it now starts at just 1599 and the 16 inch MacBook Pro. With the monumental performance of M three PRO and M three max still starts at 24 99. You can order the new MacBook Pro today and models with M three and M three PRO will be available next week. Models with M three max will be available later in November. There’s nothing quite like the new MacBook. It’s wicked fast and in space black. [00:06:00] It just looks awesome and we’re not done. We have another big treat for our users. We’re updating the 24 inch iMac for the first time by giving it the M three chip. For those who are upgrading from an Intel based iMac, you’ll experience a huge difference in performance and features compared to the most popular 27 inch models.

Speaker 4: IMac with M three is up to two and a half times faster, and when compared to the most powerful 21 and a half inch iMac model, [00:06:30] it’s up to a remarkable four times faster. And you’ll love seeing everything come to life on the beautiful, large and immersive 24 inch, 4.5 K retina display. It’s the perfect size and resolution to replace both the four K and the five K Intel-based models in an even more versatile and stunning design. Whichever model you’re coming from, you’ll appreciate the enormous amount of screen real estate on the new iMac display, along with 11 million pixels, [00:07:00] 500 nits of brightness, and over a billion colors. It’s an expansive canvas that lets you spread out with all your favorite apps. You also get great features like a 10 80 p FaceTime camera, a six speaker sound system with spatial audio and studio quality mics, which create an unmatched video conferencing experience.

Speaker 4: In addition, you’ll also get the advanced technologies of apple silicon, like the neural engine and media engine for incredible machine learning and video performance, and the option to choose [00:07:30] a magic keyboard with touch ID for secure login. So that’s a new iMac with the remarkable performance of M three, featuring an expansive 4.5 K retina display, faster wireless connectivity, a striking design, and a seamless experience with iPhone. It’s the world’s best all in one, and even with all of these incredible and innovative features, IMAX still starts at just 1299. You can order it today and it’ll be available next week. Thank [00:08:00] you all for joining us. Have a great night.


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