Tiki Brand Fire Pit Sale Offers Hot Savings of Up to $120


A backyard can be like a second living room, especially when you trick it out with the best outdoor tech, like pizza ovens and outdoor TVs. The onset of cooler weather doesn’t mean you have to stop hanging out outside, you just need fire. Specifically, a smokeless fire pit from Tiki Brand. Right now, Tiki’s running a sale with savings on everything from fire pits to outdoor torches, and it runs through Nov. 12. If you’ve been on the hunt for a fire pit to call your own, don’t pass up these smokeless savings. 

The sale includes 20% off the Reunion smokeless fire pit. Normally priced at $595, the sale price is just $475 (save $120). The largest of Tiki’s fire pits, all of which are smokeless — meaning there’s built-in airflow technology that yields low smoke and less ash. At 27.5 inches wide, it’s ideal for spacious backyards. 

You can also save 25% off the Patio smokeless fire pit. The regular retail price is $395, and the sale price is $295, for a $100 savings. This fire pit has a smaller footprint than the Reunion at just under 25 inches wide, making it great for cozy outdoor gatherings. 

In addition, you can currently score the Retreat smokeless fire pit for under $200. The regular price is $295, and it’s currently on sale for $195. That’s a saving of $100 on the smallest of Tiki’s smokeless fire pits, which is a petite 21.5 inches wide. You’ll also find 20% off accessories and, yes, that includes tiki torches. 


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