This Fur-Focused Robot Vac Is Almost $650 Off Today Only


When people think of robot vacuums, they’ll probably picture a Roomba or maybe one of the Shark vacuums, but there are actually a lot of great brands that make robot vacuums as well. For example, this Bobsweep Phoenix is made specifically for those with a lot of pet hair to deal with. Best Buy has knocked a massive $649 off the Phoenix, meaning you can pick it up for just $180, one of the lowest prices we’ve ever seen.

Beyond just the powerful and adjustable suction for hair, the vacuum has lidar technology, which is pretty helpful for accurately mapping your home on the fly without you having to make the map yourself. Once it’s made, you can customize the behavior of the Phoenix with no-go zones, scheduled vacuuming or specific vacuum zones you want it to go to. You also don’t have to worry about it falling off an edge or flight of stairs since its internal sensor can detect edges and stay away from them.

You’ll also be happy to know that the Phoenix can handle pretty much any surface you throw at it, whether it’s carpets, hardwood or vinyl. It also has a couple of great features that make it even more convenient, such as support for Alexa and Google Assistant, connectivity to both 5GHz and 2.4GHz Wi-Fi bands and a two-stage filter to keep the air clean when it’s vacuuming. Lastly, Bobsweep is so confident in its product that it gives you a 24-month warranty that includes the battery, one of the longest warranty periods you’ll find.


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