The 9 things organized people keep in their kitchen


The kitchen is often thought of as the heart of the house: The place where food is made, stomachs are satiated and love is shown. However, in practice, the kitchen is often a place of chaos. Whether you live alone, with friends, with a partner and/or with children, a kitchen gets a lot of use throughout the day and it’s easy for things to slip out of control. Between organizing the fridge, the pantry, the cooking utensils and everything in between, it can be challenging to create order – but not impossible.

While we never recommend adding more clutter to an already busy space, the right organizational tools can make a world of difference. By making your favorite tools and ingredients easier to find, use and store, these products will simplify kitchen management and streamline the cooking process. For both gourmet chefs and everyday cooks, an organized kitchen makes every day a little bit easier and each meal a little bit more pleasant to cook. 


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