Learn How To Choose A Niche For Blogging in 3 Easy Step

Find A Profitable Niche in Just 3 Easy Steps

Learn How To Choose A Niche For Blogging in 3 Easy Step

Are you planning to start a blog but not sure which niche you should pick?

Well, you should take a good look before choosing a niche.

We created this post to help all the people like you who want to learn how to find a profitable blogging niche. Learn how to choose a profitable niche for the blog in 2023.

In this article, We will walk you through the ultimate 3 step niche validation process and help you find if the niche you picked is good for you or not?

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How To Find A Profitable Niche In 2023?

Follow this simple guide to determine which niche is right for you. Let’s explore them. Here is an easy guide to choose a perfect blogging niche.

  • Before starting a blog, you need to pick a Niche/idea. It can be anything like cooking, gaming, technology, etc. Please make sure you choose it carefully because this is the topic you will write about
  • Start with making a list. Write down all the topics that excite you, and you can talk about them all day long. There are no restrictions – you can include any hobby, skill, or professional knowledge in the list.
  • Think about all the things you enjoy doing in your spare time, for example, coding, gaming, cooking, etc., any of these can be a great niche to start a new blog. You can share your knowledge with your audiences and help them.
  • Now, consider all the things you would like to learn. For example, do you like coding? Even if you don’t have the time and resources to enrol in classes, you are still trying to learn about it

This simple exercise will help you get a list of ideas you are passionate about.

Along with basic, learn advanced practices and tactics to know how to choose a blogging niche for affiliate marketing.

The Ultimate 3 Step Niche Validation

Whether you want to start a blog to earn money or to publish your thoughts, it is essential to ensure that the niche you choose is viable.

The ‘niche validation’ exercise helps you determine if your blog has the potential to grow or not.

Step 1: Niche size (How Big the Niche is)

Step 2: Explore Competitors (with whom you are competing)

Step 3: Analyze monetization potential (If you can monetize it and earn from it)

Step 1: Niche size

Despite whether you have a good Niche, there is no guarantee that it’ll attract a new audience and help you build a massive customer base.

For example ‘Physical Fitness’ blogs – millions of people are writing about it, and it’s not easy for a new blogger to stand out.

You can narrow down your niche to Male or Female, or you could go even smaller, for example, ‘Best Exercise to grow your biceps’, once you start growing you can explore other areas.

How To Find The Size Of Your Niche?

Start with the most popular keywords people use to search for your niche.

Here’s how you can find these keywords and check their search volumes:

To find the most popular keywords people search for, open Google.com, and type the main keywords that are most relevant to the niche. In our example, we will type “Pubg tips” and hit search.

Now, scroll down and you will see the Related searches area, with multiple keyword suggestions. By analyzing them you will get a better idea of what people are searching for. Note down the keywords that best fit your niche and repeat the process with other keywords and make a list of them.

pubg tips Google Search 1

You can also use the free keyword search tool Keywordsheeter.com or a paid one such as Semrush.  These tools are super easy to use and help you make the keyword search process a little easy.

Collect all the keywords and make a list, 15- 20 keywords are good enough to start.

Next, we are going to use the free keyword search volume checker tools to check the volume of searches. For this, we will use tools like WordTracker or SearchVolume.io. These tools help you determine if your niche has a large audience to serve or not.

For example, when we checked search volumes related to “pubg tips” keywords (India region), see what we got.

  • pubg tricks- “6625”
  • pubg tips and tricks-“2365”
  • pubg lite tricks- “1866”
  • pubg tips-“1866”

find a profitable niche

After this step, you get the idea of how good the niche is, and how much search volume it has. Now you can decide if it is the right niche to start a blog or not.

Step 2 Explore Competitors

The next step is to check who is your competitors, don’t dishearten if you find that you picked a niche that has savage competition. It just implies that other people are also inspired by it. What you can do is transform them into your fans by publishing high-quality content.

Please understand that other bloggers in your niche aren’t your competition,  they can be your friend as well. You can collaborate with them and help each other in their growth, so remain respectful from the very start.

Easy Process To Review Your Competition

Here is our tried-and-tested method that will help you learn about your competition:

  • Start with a Google search, type in ‘Best (your niche)’ and hit enter. Don’t be afraid if you see millions of blog results, in your niche, instead let that motivate you – if they can do it, so can you!

How to pick a Niche for your blog in 2021

  • Next, open Facebook and search for your niche. Chances are that you’ll find few pages on the topic as well.
  • Now head over to Twitter and search there. You may find some active accounts or a few references or tweets. Check them all and how many followers they have.

 If you find a reasonable number of accounts with a good number of following, then you’ve chosen well.

Analyze Monetization Potential

Who doesn’t want to earn passive income with blogging!
We have seen many bloggers who started blogging as a medium to publish their thoughts and ideas, but soon they realize that it’s a perfect way to make money online.

As per a survey, approx 60% of bloggers admit that they are making more money through blogging compare to their regular job.

How To Find If My Niche Is Monetizable?

Follow this quick guide to ensure that your niche is monetizable

  • Search for the blogs with similar niches and check if they are selling courses or products to their audience? If yes, then you can also do that and earn.
  • Search for affiliate platforms related to your niche and join them, You can also join Affiliate Platforms like Clickbank and Amazon Affiliate, warrior Plus and promote their products by publishing helpful content.

Make A Decision

Now it’s time to make a decision. Put all those ideas through the ultimate 3-step niche validation process and, by the end of this exercise, you will get a clear view of your audience, your competition, and its monetization potential.

Now that you have a niche you are ready to start a new blog.
If you’re still unclear and can’t decide which one to pick, resist the urge to start a blog about each at the same time. Pick one idea at a time and write about it, it helps you keep your focus.

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