Pixel Tablet Deals: Don’t Miss Out on Google’s Tablet


Google is officially back in the tablet game with its sleek new slate, the Pixel Tablet. The tablet offers much-needed competition for Apple’s iPad as well as other tablets in the Android space, including those from Samsung. It’s got everything to make for a great tablet experience as well, not least a cool speaker dock that comes included in the box at no extra cost.

There aren’t any straightforward discounts right now, unfortunately. But you can save some cash if you’ve got an older tablet to trade in, which many of us have in a drawer somewhere. We’ll continue to update this page as offers come and go, so be sure to check back often for the best prices available. 

Google's Pixel tablet perched on the speaker dock, angled to your left

Google/Screenshot by CNET

Google returned to tablets after several iterations of Pixel phones and a lineup of smart home devices, and it is clear that what it has learned from those devices is being used in the Pixel Tablet (as well as the new hybrid Pixel Fold). It’s powered by Google’s in-house Tensor G2 chip, and its software experience mirrors that of the Pixel phone, rather than leaning into a Chromebook-like experience as with the Slate. The included magnetic speaker dock also transforms the Pixel Tablet into a smart display a la Nest Hub. 

The device features an 11-inch screen, 8GB of RAM and up to 256GB of storage. There’s an 8-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls and also one on the back for snapping photos.


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How much does the Pixel Tablet cost?

The Pixel Tablet costs $499 in the US. That price includes the 128GB tablet as well as the speaker dock that transforms the device into a smart display. The 256GB variant is $599. 

What colors does the Pixel Tablet come in? 

The Pixel Tablet comes in three colors: porcelain, hazel and rose. However, the rose color variant is only available on the base 128GB model. 

Best Pixel Tablet preorder deals

You can pick up a new Pixel Tablet at Amazon, although there aren’t any deals to be had currently. Still, this is the best option if you want to get your tablet super quick or have Amazon credit to spend.

Best Buy will sell you a brand-new Pixel Tablet in your choice of color for the usual $499 price, but you can shrink that by trading in your old tablet. Trade-in prices vary depending on the tablet, its configuration and what condition it’s in, but every little helps and you can save up to $325.

Google isn’t offering any deals or bonuses on its new Pixel Tablet, but it’s still a great place to order if you want to go direct. You’ll get the 11-inch tablet and speaker dock starting at $499.


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