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Multi-Profitz Review & Bonuses. Read This Before Buy It(2020-21))

How Multi-Profitz Works? Is It Worth It?

Multi-Profitz review

We all know that content creating is very big stuff and it is one of the most important things.  We all know content is the king and only good content can hold the audience and help your website to rank on the top page. It takes lots of effort, time, and money to create content that will rank and generate you some income. 

Multi-Profitz Overview

Multi-Profitz is a powerful tool that can generate high-quality plagiarism free content for you in just a few clicks. You just need to integrate the blogging platform with Multi-Profitz and then choose the idea or topic and in a few click your content will be generated by the Multi-Profitz.

money back

Features Offer by Multi-Profitz

  • It can Integrate with Your Favorite Sites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, eBay, Pocket, and many more.

It can Integrate with Your Favorite Sites like WordPress, Blogger, Tumbler, eBay, Pocket, and many more.

  • Multi-Profitz comes with Industry-Leading Text Spinner which helps you to generate new content using the old one.

multi-profitz spinner

  • Multi-Profitz built-in Instant Monetization function allow you to monetize your content instantly. only a few clicks and you can monetize your site with Google AdSense, eBay, Amazon, and much more.

Instant Monetization

  • No one wants to read that content which has silly grammar mistakes. With its Built-In Spell Check, you can check all the silly grammar mistakes and fix them.

spell checker

  • Use Bookmarklets with browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Using Bookmarklets users can bookmark the article and save a reference in Multi-Profitz. Users can convert these bookmarks into blog posts and using Multi-Profitz built-in translation services they can translate these bookmarks in any desired blog language

Screenshot 20

  • Article Extraction has never been easy but using the Multi-Profitz tool you can simply paste the URL and extract a beautiful article from it.

Article Extraction

  • Using Multi-Profitz you can easily integrate to content sources such as Youtube, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Pocket, Pinterest, Medium, Disqus, etc.

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Content Integration

  • With Multi-Profitz you access a library of 5,00,000 images along with 2,00,000 videos to enhance your site.

Images Integration

  • With Multi-Profitz you will get 500+ RSS feeds that you can instantly integrate along with a library of 1,50,000 articles in multiple niches. One more cool thing that you can do with this tool is that you can create content from YouTube transcription. You can leverage the modify in spin functions to quickly pump out new content.

Article Sources

  • Multi-Profitz comes with 10 pre installed Languages, which means you can create content in 10 different languages.
  • It gives you the ability to insert links into matching keywords of your choice. Example: anywhere that says “click here” has the URL “ and it will update that.
  • With it Smart Automation function you can completely automate the whole process of content creation with no human interaction. Multi-Profitz’s advanced posting parameters and scheduling options, enabling you to create set and forget sites.
  • You will get Unlimited Access to Traffic Getting Content so that you can never out of content.

How Multi-Profitz Work

Step 1 Integration:

Open the Multi-Profitz tool and you will see home screen with search bar. Now the first thing you need to do is integration, and for this click on the Integration option on the top menu.

Multi Profitz JvPage – multi profitz com 1

You will see the different platforms for integration like WordPress,, Blogger, Pocket, eBay, Tumbler, Twitter, Commission Junction, etc. On your right-hand side, you can see currently there is no integration. To integrate the WordPress, click on the Add New Integration button.

Multi Profitz JvPage – multi profitz com 1 1

Enter the Blog name, WordPress Base URL, and copy the Connection Key after that click on the Download WordPress Plugin link to download the plugin. Click the Save WordPress integration button 

Click the Save WordPress integration button and close this

Step 2. Create a Blog

Click on the Explore button and you will see a search bar where you can enter keywords and search relevant topics or you can scroll down and select from the predefined category. Fox example I click on the Automobile.

click on explore

Form the given article you can choose anyone. Click on the Eye icon to view the article and if you want to use it click on the Pen icon.

Click on the Eye icon to view the article

To add a video, click on the video button and then you can search a video by its name and from the given rest choose which one you want to use. Click on Add to Article button and it will import the video with a short description and title.

Click on Add to Article button

Step 3. Publish The Blog

Before you can publish the blog, you need to enter some details like Page name, featured image. Other then this you need to choose the network like we choose WordPress, and then Accounts. After filling all the info click on the Save Page button and it saves now.

Page name, featured image

To see your post, you can visit your website and open it. As you can see our post is live and people can visit it. 

post is live

Schedule Posts

If you want to make your post live on some specific date then you can plan that. On the top bar click on the Planner option and then click on Share a Article option.

  • First, you will enter the article name
  • Next, you will see two options My Multiprofitz posts and Global Feed content.
  • Next, you have the Network option choose WordPress, and then move forward to the accounts option.
  • After that type in a relevant keyword to search content from the data files.
  • Once it fetches the content you can see the blog name in Select Article to share bar.
  • From the Post Schedule option choose the time and date and then click on the Save Article button.

the Post Schedule

Who Can Use Multi-Profits

 No matter what you do we all need targeted traffic to generate income? Whether you are in a profession of

  • Freelancing
  • Dropshipping
  • CPA Marketing
  • List Building
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Product creation
  • Coaching
  • Local Marketing

Bonus You Will Get

#1 30 WP Niche Theme

30 WP Niche Theme

#2 100 Editable Logos

Front End – multi profitz com 1 1

#3 Top Adsense Niches In 2020 And 2000 Profitable Niches

Top Adsense Niches In 2020 And 2000 Profitable Niches

#4 TriggerZ Software

TriggerZ Software

#5 LeadPages WordPress Software

Front End – multi profitz com 4

Why You Should Choose Multi-Profitz

  • Works In Any Niche
  • Creates Unique Content: 500+ DFY RSS Feeds, 150000 Premium Articles, Youtube Transcription
  • Drag-n-Drop Content Generator
  • Publish to all of your sites and content platforms from one central location
  • Content Planner:Streamline content work process by teaming up and arranging efforts from an intuitive date-book
  • No Technical Knowledge Required
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee…

Get Access Now

Front End: Multi-Profitz ($23.97 – One Time Payment)

  • 5 Publishing Channels [WordPress,, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogger ]
  • Article Sources
  • Article Metadata
  • Text Translate [10 Language]
  • Text Spinner [1 Language – English]
  • RSS Reader
  • Basic Analytics
  • Content Planner [3 Publishing Channels + 2 Social Networks]
  • Grammar [1 Language – English]
  • All Resources

OTO 1 – Multi-Profitz Pro ($46.97 – ONE TIME PAYMENT):

  • Everything from FE
  • Detailed Analytics of All posts added from ContentLAB
  • Text Translate [All Languages]
  • Text Spinner [6 Languages]
  • Auto Sync and Auto Update
  • Grammar [All 20 Languages
  • Custom Article Sources

OTO 2 – Multi-Profitz Enterprise ($56.97 – ONE TIME PAYMENT):

  • Everything from FE and OTO1
  • 50 Sub Users with FE and OTO1 Access

OTO 3 – LockFit App ($36.97):

Turn Any Content into Leads

OTO 4 – Multi-Profitz RESELLER ($47/$67/$127):

Allow Customers To Sell Multi-Profitz and keep 100% profit.

  • $127 for 100 accounts
  • $297 for 250 accounts
  • $497 for 500 accounts


The World’s FIRST & ONLY Tool to Solve the Auto-Play Apocalypse and BOOST YOUR VIEWS from Existing Videos to Bring You Leads & Sales In 3 Simple Steps

  • Animate Your Auto-Paused Video Thumbnails for MORE Views
  • Unlimited Animated Thumbnails
  • All Major Video Platforms Supported
  • 50+ Premium Overlays Included
  • Huge Image & GIF Library
  • Text Call-to-Actions & Pre-Sets
  • Emojis Play Button Templates
  • Animations
  • YouZign Integration
  • Mobile & Desktop Friendly
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Customer Support Team

OTO 6 – Multi-Profitz WhiteLabel ($297):

  • No Limitations all features and Functionality
  • Dedicated application setup
  • Your own Branding
  • All Sales Material


We tried this tool and as per our testing, this really works well. You can create plagiarism-free content, within a minute. The features it offers are incredible and make is very handy and useful and anyone can use this tool. We highly recommend this tool.


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