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Top 5 Secure Merging PDF Tools Review.

Merge PDF Files in Just a Click-Best PDF Merging Tools

5 Best Online PDF Merge Tools 

PDF has become an essential medium to share and secure documents easily. But it can be somewhat tedious when it comes to merging those multiple PDFs into one single file.

PDF merging is the process of unifying multiple PDF files into one file. Many organizations and individuals use PDF merging to create a single document or file with all the text, images, and other data from multiple sources.

This can be used for performing many tasks, such as sharing a document with other people, exporting documents to different formats, or making work easier by consolidating your documents in one place.

This turns out that combining pdf files into one is an easy and efficient way to manage the files. But what are the different tools available to merge your pdf files?

Here are the top 5 secure tools you can use to merge pdf documents.

1. Merge PDF


This merge PDF is a free online tool for merging PDF files without wasting time. The best part about this tool is that it does not require any installation process, which means you can use it on any device that has an internet connection.

This tool can merge multiple PDFs without putting you under any restrictions. You can use it for free for both personal and commercial purposes.

Merge PDF is a secure platform to help you get all of your small PDF documents unified in no time. You can feel free to upload documents even with sensitive information and then merge them together through a single click.

The tool also lets you re-order the uploaded files so that you can organize them before getting them combined as a whole.

It is equally beneficial for everyone looking to organize PDFs. That means students, lawyers, entrepreneurs, managers, and researchers can combine disordered files stored on their devices.

2. PDF Combiner

pdfcombiner Combine-PDF-–-Online-PDF-Combiner

PDF Combiner is another online tool that helps you merge multiple PDF documents in one go. The working mechanism of this particular platform is based on simple steps. You just have to locate the files that you want to merge and upload them.

There are different upload options available such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and URL. You can choose what works best for you. You can also simply drag and drop files in the selected area.

Once uploaded, you can proceed to combine them with a single click. However, before you proceed with that, make sure your files are organized the way you want them to appear in the final output.

PDF combiner is free for everyone, and you can use it without worrying about any restrictions. The good thing about the tool is that it does not mess with the format of your documents. Therefore, you can merge as many files as you want without considering the combined document’s quality.

3. Small PDF

small pdf Merge-PDF-Combine-PDF-files-online-for-free

Small PDF is third on our list of free online tools that allow users to combine multiple PDFs into one file in the quickest way possible. It supports all major types of PDF files and offers different quick merging methods.

It allows users to unite multiple PDF files into one single document without losing any information from the original files. Users can upload multiple files at once and then choose them to merge together in order to create a new unified document with minimal changes to the original file format or layout.

Aside from Merge, Small PDF has many other tools that you can use to work with your PDF documents. However, this could be a little bit confusing for many people since they might not be able to locate the right tool due to a mess on the website.

Furthermore, some of the basic features are free to access, and you might have to buy a paid plan to be able to take your needs to the advanced level. However, if you just need basic features like merging PDFs, you can take advantage of the free version.

4. Easy PDF

Easy PDF- PDF-Merge-Online-Free-Secure-No-email-required

As the name suggests, Easy PDF is one of the simple solutions available to let you merge PDF documents online. You do not have to download or install any program since it doesn’t require any installation. Furthermore, you do not have to complete any lengthy registration process to start merging files.

Just like Small PDF, it comes with a number of other features that you can use to organize your PDF documents.

If you want to merge files online, visit their website and upload the files, you wish to join. Once uploaded, merge them with a single click.

The tool is secure to use and keeps your identity anonymous since it does not collect any personal information from the user.

Furthermore, the processing time is fast – making large merge attempts faster than ever. There is no limit on how many files you can combine per day. Support for multiple languages is available. Therefore, people from different regions should not face any trouble while combining files on the go.

5. I Love PDF


I Love PDF is a free online tool that has a dedicated feature to merge PDF documents on a smartphone, tablet, and personal computer.

On this platform, there are many online PDF tools you can access and benefit from without having to visit any other website.

You need to follow the same process (already discussed in the above tools) to combine PDF files using I Love PDF. The website is secure to use for everyone since it uses the latest encryption techniques to protect users’ integrity.

Furthermore, the data in your PDF files remain safe since no hacker can access that information. Everything is clearly mentioned in their privacy policy.

The tool seems to have several solutions for the business and education sectors. You can further explore them to see the opportunities.


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