M3 MacBook Pro, iMac Reactions – Video


Speaker 1: I am at the New York City Scary fast Apple event where we get to see the new apple silicon. The M three chip is here. It’s in the new imax. It’s in the new MacBook Pros. Let’s go hands on and check ’em out. Here are the five big things to know about these New Macs and the Apple silicon upgrades. For starters, the M three of course is faster, but it also is designed to be better at gaming. One of the things included is something called ray tracing, and that makes more realistic rendering [00:00:30] of lighting. I got to see some of this in action. In short gaming demos, we got to see how lighting would quickly respond to the environment like these reflections on the wet floor. Second, the MacBook Pros come in a new color space, black. It’s a dark aluminum finish. I got to see it shimmer in a few different lighting setups, but the most impressive thing was that this model has a new fingerprint resistant coating on it.

Speaker 1: With everyone grabbing these machines all night, you don’t [00:01:00] see fingerprints all over it. That was a bit of a complaint of the recent midnight blue color of the 15 inch MacBook Air. The new MacBook Pros also come in a silver color, but the space black is available only in the M three PRO and max configurations. Third thing to note, these MacBook Pro screens are brighter, but the display is the same. The chips are just able to use more power to make it 60% brighter than before. That [00:01:30] means it could be easier to use this outdoors on a sunny day. Fourth thing to note, there are new configuration options compared to before the 14 inch MacBook Pro is cheaper. The starting price is now 1299. That’s because there are multiple chip options now, and it starts with the basic M three chip to get it that low.

Speaker 1: But if you don’t want the starter model, if you’re going for the high-end M three max, well, the memory is getting raised to 128 [00:02:00] gigs on that model. Also, the M three chip in the MacBook Pro is giving a boost to battery life in the 14 inch model. It’s now at 22 hours of battery life up from 18. We got the scoop here and this little setup behind me, apple’s showing off what it’s like for a small business, perhaps a candy store if they had IMAX in their business. I’m glad that Apple’s keeping all of the seven candy colored shades of the iMac. Just as [00:02:30] before, the only thing is that it’s being boosted from an M one chip to M three, which is two times faster, but it’s at the same starting price of 1299. The max with new M three chips could be pre-ordered. Now they start shipping next week, and the M three max will be arriving later in November. You can say Apple definitely sweetened up their lineup. Oh, I don’t even know what this is. It’s chocolate. It’s good. Until next time, thanks for watching.


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