I test kettlebells for a living — these are the 5 best early Black Friday deals I’d snap up right now


As a personal trainer, I often find myself testing kettlebells. I even rounded up the best kettlebells for weightlifting to showcase the brands I’d use myself and the pros and cons of each. 

I’ve been scouring early Black Friday deals ahead of the event coming this November 24, and I think I’ve found some brilliant discounts. 

When training clients, the best tip I learned for growing muscle and building strength is that free weights are the way to go. Kettlebells are super versatile and ramp up any style of workout, and you only need to pair your bells with the best kettlebell exercises to hit your muscles hard.

These Black Friday deals may not last long, so I recommend cashing in quickly on the top 5 I’ve hand-picked (and tested) below.

5 best kettlebells to buy during early Black Friday sales

Even the best kettlebells need to be held properly, so I recommend learning how to hold a kettlebell and the various grips to master during technical lifts. 

Adjustable kettlebells divide crowds. They save space and give you plenty of weight options in one bell, but they can also be heavy-duty to move with, especially when working with overhead exercises like a press or snatch. If you don’t mind sacrificing ease for a big save in cost, we recommend the investment. 

For those on a budget, we’ve included affordable options here, but will continue to scour for more discounts as Black Friday approaches. Cheaper kettlebells can sometimes be harder to hold, so liquid chalk or grip gloves could also be a great buy. 

If it’s your first time buying a kettlebell, size isn’t indicative of how much the kettlebell weighs. For example, competition kettlebells are uniform with a large bell and flat handle, regardless of weight. Don’t get caught out, and read our buying guide if you have any questions about what to look for and why. It’s always worth looking at the type and brand of the kettlebell first before you buy one!


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