I just tested a $700 Wi-Fi 7 router with dual screens — and it’s surprisingly great


A router with enough blinking colored LEDs to look like a lit up Christmas tree seems so 2015 to me after I lived with the TP-Link Archer BE900 router for two weeks. The Wi-Fi 7 router is not only among the fastest ways to move wireless data around my house, but it has no annoying LEDs. What it does have is two screens that show me what’s going on inside the router and can be a little whimsical. Be warned, it can be addictive.  

Taking a new direction with Wi-Fi router design

The TP-Link Archer BE900 displays an exclamation mark on its top screen when something is wrong with your network (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The gray and black Archer BE900’s geometric shape is a bold new design direction for TP-Link that debuted with the Archer BE800 router. Called V Fold, the design language is vertical and squared off with a central pinch that makes the router look like a blocky hourglass. 


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