I compared the iPhone 15 Pro Max vs. Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses for taking vacation photos — here’s what happened


If you went on vacation and didn’t come back with hundreds of photos, did it even happen? Preserving memories through pictures is a priority for me when I travel, but content capture isn’t always convenient. The anxiety of pickpockets and proclivity to stay aware of surroundings in a new environment means it’s better for my iPhone 15 Pro Max to stay stowed in my bag while exploring a new city.

Call it lucky timing — the new Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses arrived just before I left for a trip to Amsterdam, promising precisely the picture-taking practicality you don’t get with a smartphone. The second-generation smart glasses made in partnership with Meta and Ray-Ban have cameras in the corners of the frame that let you capture content quickly, discreetly and conveniently. The best part? They look like normal designer sunglasses.


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