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How To Use WhatsApp Web- Easy 7 Step Guide

Best Way To Use WhatsApp Web

How To Use WhatsApp Web
WhatsApp is Worlds biggest messaging app. It has 1+ billions active users around the world. It keeps up connected with your friends and family. Using It you can send text and voice messages. Other than this you can make audio and video call to your friend, family using this app. These cool features make it one of the must-have apps for mobiles.
Daily millions of people use WhatsApp web on their system, but their are some people who are still struggling with it and don’t know how to use it properly on their computer and laptop. 
We created this post to help all those people who want to learn how to use WhatsApp web. 

How To Use WhatsApp Web ?

Before you can use WhatsApp web make sure you have installed WhatsApp on your mobile, without app it won’t work. Download WhatsApp for your Mobile –
Follow the steps carefully and learn how to use WhatsApp web.

#1 Download WhatsApp

Open a web browser (like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on your laptop/computer and head over to Now choose your device and download the latest app.
Note: If you want to use WhatsApp without downloading it on your device, then their is no need to download the app, just head over to It will work the same as the installed app and after finishing your work you can logout. To Logout click on (Three dots) Menu and then click on the Logout option.

#2 Connect Your Device

On your mobile phone open WhatsApp and then click on the (Three dots) Menu after that click on the WhatsApp Web option. Open your laptop/computer and you will see a QR Code. You need to scan this QR Code using your mobile phone.
Screenshot 114

#3 Sync Information

On successful scan WhatsApp will sync all the information and you can see all your mobile contacts and chats on your laptop/computer screen. You can send them a message, voice message, doc, etc. It will work the same as it works on mobile.

Sync Information
Image Credit- WhatsApp

#4 Sending messages

Using WhatsApp on a bigger screen is quite easy. You have a bigger keypad to type and a bigger screen to see all the files and images. Other than this you can use a mouse to scroll, select, and share any message.
You can hover your mouse on any message and Reply, Star, and Delete it which is quite handy. When you reply to someone in a WhatsApp group then you will see some more options like Reply Privately, Froward Message, Message, etc.
Sending messages:

#5 Share Pictures And Files

Like WhatsApp mobile app you can also share files, images, and docs directly through your device. Just select the person, then select the file and send it.
Using the ‘Photos & Videos’ icon you can add the files you’ve already stored on your hard drive. Other than this you can also use the camera option to take new snaps.

Share pictures and files
Image Credit- WhatsApp

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#6 Configure App And Profile Settings

You can configure the WhatsApp app as per your choice. You can add/remove your Profile Picture, Add Two-Step verification, WhatsApp Theme/Wallpaper, and much more. Click on (Three dots) Menu and then click on the Setting option.
 There you can see all the important setting options like Chats  Wallpaper, Notifications, Desktop Settings etc, select the one you want to update and save your changes.
Configure app and profile settings

#7 Add/Remove Devices

You can manage all the connected devices through your mobile. Click on (Three Dots) Menu and then click on WhatsApp Web. You can see all the connected devices, their name and when were they active last time. 
If you want to remove any device, just click on it and then click on the Logout option. If you are using it on more than one device and want to logout from all then click on the Logout from all device options.
Add/Remove Devices
We hope this article helps you. If you have any doubt or suggestions please comment.

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