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The Secrets To Start a Blog And Earn Passive Income in 2022

how to start a blogging

Start A Blog And Earn Passive Income


Well said by someone, “writing a blog is like painting a masterpiece.” It requires time, effort, and lots of creativity. Writing a blog doesn’t sound like doing something extraordinary, but don’t underestimate it. This thing can expand your reach to millions of people and generate thousands of dollars for you.

There are lots of successful bloggers in the world who left their daily jobs to start blogging, and now they are earning more than their daily jobs. “Pat Flynn” is one of those successful bloggers who is making millions of dollars by writing unique and helpful content. In this post, I will walk you through every step and guide you on how to start a blog and earn passive income.

What is Blogging?

For those who don’t know what is blogging, it’s a simple idea sharing process in which you write helpful ideas/thoughts and share them with people on the internet. Every day thousands of people post hundreds and thousands of posts which were read by millions of peoples like you and me. 

The best thing about blogging is that you can write on any topic you like. It can be tech, gardening or house stuff just choose any topic/niche which excites you and you have sufficient knowledge to write about it. If you are not sure about the topic then you can visit Wikipedia- List of Hobbies Page and find interesting Topics.  

-Read How to find profitable niche for blogging?

Let me tell you one helpful hack about blogging. According to Google, What is Blogging is searched by 22000 people every month, and How to start a blog to make money is searched by 1000 people every month; How do you start blogging is searched by 1900 people every month. If you think you can answer these questions then you can write a detailed blog on them and help all these people. 

How to Start Writing A Blog?

After you learn what is blogging, next question that came to your mind is how to start blogging.

To start Blogging you need to learn how to find a profitable niche to write a blog, which blogging platform is best for you, how to reach more people etc.

I tried to explain the whole process in 10 steps. Don’t skip this blogging for beginner guide and your will definitely get all your answer in this post.

Step 1. Choose An Idea To Blog

Blogging is all about writing unique and helpful content that can help people. To start blogging all you need a good idea/niche that excite you and sufficient knowledge to write about it. 

-How To Find Blogging Idea/Niche?

4 important tips that will help you find Best Blogging niche. 

1. Topics You Like To Talk

Choose a topic that excites you, and pushes you to write about it. It could be a hobby, idea, fantasy. Note them on a paper and see if you can write about them or not. Remember If you choose a topic which you didn’t like then you may run out of ideas or not be able to create helpful content.

2. Do Market Research

Next, do some market research to check if the idea you picked is good enough or not. For this go to Google Trend and type the keyword search graph. For example, we type in Gaming. As you can see in the image it is growing which means its a very good idea. Make sure you avoid all those topics that are declining or inconsistent.

google trend- gaming

3. Do Keyword Research.

After finding the trending topic it’s time to find trending keywords. Keyword research is one of the most important parts of blogging. If you have the right keywords you can reach millions of people, so take some time and find the best low competition longtail keywords for your blogs. You can use Google, Ubersuggest to do keyword research. 

4. Pick Low Competetive Yet Profitable Keyword

Let’s see how to do it. Head over to Ubersuggest and type in the keyword for example-how to start blog and start the search. On the left side menu click on the Keyword Idea option and you will see a list of popular keywords with Volume, CPC (Cost Per Click), PD (Paid Difficulty), and (SD) SEO Difficulty. 

You need to pick those keywords which have low competition and high CPC. You can use the filter to sort them. Once you find them, note down all the keywords. When you write a blog make sure you stuff them in your blog. 

Ubersuggest keyword reasearch


Image source-ubersugest

Step 2. Buy Reliable Webhosting

This is the most exciting and fun part. Now, you have chosen your topics, it’s time to choose the name of your website. Make sure it should be simple but relevant to your blogs. People will see this name and find you with this name on the internet.

You will need a Domain name which is going to be your blog website name like my website name is and a website hosting where all the files will be stored.

A domain name costs you 15$/ year but Bluehost offering a free domain for a year and a 60% discount on Webhosting to illogicaltech users.

Next, you need a powerful and reliable web hosting. There are tons of companies who are selling different plan and their price range from 10$-500$/month.

I would recommend Bluehost. They are the biggest and most well-known hosting companies in the word and their plans are very affordable, you should consider them.   

Before buying a domain name you may want to consider these tips.

  • Choose .com if you want to target an international audience. If you want to target a specific nation then you can choose .in for India, .us for the USA,
  • Aim for a short name with 2-3 words, they are easy to remember and easy to pronounce.
  • Choose a name that represents your blog, this helps people to identify your blog and help search engine to identify what your blog about.
  • Choose something catchy and memorable.
  • Don’t use numbers and hyphens or special character, they are hard to remember.
  • For personal brands, you can use your name or a variation of it.

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Step 3. Setup Your Website

Once you buy the web hosting it is time to set up your website.First login to your web hosting and open the Bluehost dashboard.

To set up your website Bluehost will ask you some questions like your website name and its tagline etc. answer then and move forward.

Bluehost will set up a WordPress website for you, just click on WordPress and you will be redirected to it.  

Bluehost WordPress Hosting-T

Now, you’re in the backend of your website and this is the place where you can control your website. On the top bar, you can read your website name.

login wordpress

Right now your website is using the default theme which is very dull. Time to choose a new theme for your website. Click on Appearance then Themes option.

theme settings

In the WordPress theme library, there are thousands of free themes to choose from. Click on the one you like and install it. Don’t worry you can change it if you want to, and do that choose a new theme and install it, and activate it.

The theme will help your website to look more beautiful and attractive. I will suggest you go for, Astra, as it is the world’s most popular and efficient theme. But if you don’t like these themes don’t worry you can visit Themeforest, Envato, or aThemes they offer premium theme.

choose theme

Step 4 . Blog Customization and Changes

After installing the theme it’s time to customize it. Click on Theme then Customize. From the settings click on Header then Site identity.

click on header
click site identity

First, you have a Logo option where you can add your website logo. If you have a logo you can click on Select logo and upload it, but if you don’t have one then you can hire someone to make one for you. You can go to Fiverr and hire someone, Fiverr is a very popular platform where you can get these kinds of services at a very cheap price. Hire a gig and get a logo.

select logo

Next, we have a site icon option. The site icon is your website logo which shows in the browser as you can see in the image below. You can ask the logo designer to make a site icon for you.

site icon

After that, you have the Site Title and Site Tagline option where you can write some info about your blog website, and to save that click on the Publish button.

site tagline

Step 5: Be Found on Google

Now, we are going to install a plugin, it’s an SEO (search engine optimization) plugin which will help your content to rank on google, the higher the content rank the more the people can reach this website.

Click on Plugins and then Add new. In the search bar type in Yoast and install the Yoast SEO plugin.

install yoast plugin

Once you activate the plugin you can see its shortcut menu on the top bar and at the sidebar, you can use this plugin using these shortcuts. Now, let’s start the Configuration for this click on the Yoast SEO plugin and then click on Configuration Wizard.

configure yoast plugin

Yoast will ask you 9 questions to understand what your website is all about, don’t worry it will not ask you any math problem, just simple questions about your website.

1st option is Environment: If your website is under construction or live and ready to be indexed, choose option A then click on Next.

1st option is Environment

2nd option is Site Type: Choose your site type that is A blog, and hit Next

2nd option is Site Type: Choose your site type that is A blog,

3rd   option Organization or Person: If your website represents you then choose Person if not then go for organization and enter your organization details and hit Next.

3rd option Organization or Person: If your

4th   option  Search Engine Visibility: This option tells google which stuff to index or which not. Select Yes for the first two and No for third.

4th option Search Engine Visibility: This option tells google which stuff to index or which not. Select Yes for the first two and No for third.

5th option Multiple Author: If you have multiple people to write blog posts then choose Yes if not then-No and hit Next.

3rd option Organization or Person: If your

6th option  Title Setting:  Enter your website name and choose a separator. The separator separates the blog name and the website name. When people search your website on the internet then they will see your blog name and your website name separated by the separator you choose. For example, if you search a blog from our website then it will look like this.

How to Start A Blog In 2021? Super Simple Guide for Beginners |


Step 6: Submit Website To Google

Complete rest of the steps then close it. Now it’s time to submit your website to Google. Click on the Yoast plugin and then click on the Webmaster Tools tab. Google has Google Search Console webmaster where you can submit your website. Click on Google Search Console to generate the meta code (see image).

webmaster tool

It will ask you to Sign in with your Google account, enter your details and sign in.

login with Google

Once you enter the Webmaster Central click on Alternate method and choose HTML tag. It will generate a meta code for your website. Copy the meta code and don’t close this tab.

click on Alternate method and choose HTML tag

Paste the meta code in the Google Search Console box and click on Save changes.

Go to the Webmaster Central tab and click on the Verify button to verify the submit, Congratulation you just submitted your website to Google. Other than Google you can submit your website to other search engines like Bing, Yahoo the process is same for all.

click verify button

Step 7: Change Permalink Format

After submitting the website now time to optimize your blog’s permalinks. Click on Settings and then Permalinks.

Click on Settings and then Permalinks.

Scroll down and select Post name from the given options and save it. You can see an example of how your blog link looks like. First your website name then your blog name, this is the most preferred permalink setting as it helps Google to understand your blog and this small thing can help you rank high on Google.

Step 8. Create a blog post

To create your first blog post, click on New and then Post from the top bar menu or you can click on the Posts option from the sidebar then click on New both options will work well you can use any option.

click on New and then Post from the top

We are using WordPress default page builder to write this post. First, enter a heading for your blog post. Next, click the + icon to add blocks to your blog post. You can use the search bar to find blocks, just type in the block name and tap on it.

For example, if you want to add an image in your blog post select the image block, then tap on it and it will be added to your blog. Then upload the image, either from your device or insert it from the URL

insert block

On the right side, we have some very cool options let’s explore them. Do you know WordPress uses the name of your blog/ Blog heading and create its permalink? Don’t worry if you want to change it to something else just click on the permalink and enter new keywords and your permalink it changed.

click on the permalink and

Using the Set Featured Images option, you can set a featured image for your blog. Click on it and upload a featured image for your blog.

After writing the blog its time to publish it. Under Post Visibility, you have the option to choose if you want to show it to the public or not. You have three options Public, Private or Password Protected. The public option makes it visible to everyone, Private make it private and no one can read that blog and Protected blog need a password to unlock it.

time to publish

Next, we have the Publish option which can be used to schedule the post-publication. By default, it is set on Immediately, but if you want to publish this post next week or next month just select the date and month and then click on the Publish button.

set post publication

Step 9.Publish Your Post

On the top right corner, we have Save Draft, Preview, and Publish option. Save Draft will save the post in the draft so that you can update it and publish it later. Click on Preview to see your blog post how it will look when you publish it, and the last one is Publish with the help of which you can make your blog live.

click publish

Once you click the Publish button your blog post will be live for the audience. People can visit your website and read your post.

Step 10. Make Money By Blogging

You have learned how to write a blog, how to publish a blog now it time to guide you how to make money by blogging. After publishing your blogs you can monetise them and earn thousands of dollars.

Run Sponsored Ads

There are seamless possibility to earn by blogging and Blog monetization is one of them. You can sign up for Google Adsense and Google will publish ads on your website. Whenever any user click on these advertisement you will earn.

Join Affiliate Marketing Platforms

Affiliate Marketing is one of the best and  most popular way to earn by blogging. You need to sign up for affiliate program,  once they approve you, then you can write about their product and promote it. Affiliate marketer will pay you commission for every sale. Start with little steps and sign up for easy to join affiliate programs, once you get the flow then take big steps.

Sponsored Posts

Advertiser always looking for new methods to promote their products. In Sponsored posts advertiser will write a blog ask to  publish this blog on your website for which he/she will offer you money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find new Content Idea?

If you are looking for new content ideas then you can visite Google or Social Platforms like Quora and Reddit and see what people ask. Enter your interest in the search bar and you will see questions asked by people. Note them and write about them.

How much money you can make by blogging?

Frankly speaking there is no limit how much you can earn it’s all up to you and what kind of content you are publishing for your audience.

What to do if the domain name i want is taken?

Don’t worry, you can find a new name. But if you want that name only than you can add s or any number with the name to make it unique and search it. Click here to find a domain name.

If i can blog in any other language?

Yes, you can. there is no  language barrier for bloggers. You can write in any language. 

How do i start blogging in 100$ budget?

If you are tight on budget then don’t worry. Your first investment will be your web hosting, choose bluehost as it is fast, secure and affordable. Right now Bluehost offering 60% discount on web hosting grab it and save some money. Next you need a laptop that you can borrow from your friend or you can go to a Cyber cafe. Next start writing and publish them.   

How to start blogging on WordPress in India?

If you want to start blogging on wordpress you need a laptop, internet and Web hosting. When you buy webhosting from Bluehost they will setup wordpress website for you in one click. Once your website is ready you can start publishing your content. To promote your content you can share your post on social media. 


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