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How To Screenshot On MacBook? 3 Best Tricks + Bonus

Master How To Screenshot On MacBook

Taking a screenshot is the easiest way to save and share what to see on your screen whether it’s an error or some kind of useful information.

You can capture everything on your screen and to do so, you need to press some shortcut key on your keyboard or you can use third party apps.

You can select if you want to capture the entire screen, a portion of the screen, or a specific part of the screen in image form. We will tell you 4 methods which you can use to take a screenshot, and we also have some bonus tips for you, which will help you to become a Pro.

How to screenshot your whole screen on mac

So, to do this you follow these steps carefully.
1. Click Command + Shift + 3 simultaneously.

2. Within a second you will see your whole screen and all the data that is on the screen whether it is your toolbar, or an application, is captured and saved as an image on your system.

3. After screenshot, it will appear at the right-hand side corner and you can click on it for quick view or edit it.

How To Screenshot On Macbook?

How to screenshot a portion of your screen on mac

1. Click Command + Shift + 4 simultaneously
Screenshot 56 2

2. Drag your mouse arrow and select the area you wanted to capture.

3. If after completing the second step, you change your mind or have any other reason, and don’t want to capture the screen, then you can exit the screen by clicking Esc key. You can find this key in the top row.

you can exit the screen by clicking Esc key

4. After selecting the area next step is to release your mouse, yes you read it right release your mouse and you will see your captured screen at the right corner of your system.

5. You can click on it to check if it is good or not and can edit it at the same time.

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How to screenshot a particular window screen on mac

1. Open the window that you want to screenshot.

2. Click on Command + Shift + 4 + Space bar. You will see the mouse pointer change to a camera icon .

3. Drag the Camera on the desired window or menu. You will notice your window light up blue which means you selected this area for the screenshot. Any time you want to cancel or skip it for now you can press Esc key.

Take screenshots with Grab

If you don’t want to memorize Shortcut keys and looking for some easy solution, then my friend you can use the Grab app. It’s an app that lets you screenshot directly from the menu bar. This app also has a time-delayed screenshot feature which allows you to take the screenshot with 10 second time delay before screen capturing.

If you’re using macOS Catalina, then sorry to tell you, but Grab is not available for you. Instead of this, you can use the Command + Shift + 5 key combination.

Follow these steps to capture your screen using Grab app.

1. Tap on Finder and then select Applications from the left sidebar.

2. Click on the Utilities folder and then select the Grab app.

Take screenshots with Grab

3. Once you launch the Grab app, you’ll see its menu at the top of the screen. To take a screenshot click on Capture.

To take a screenshot click on Capture.

4. Under the Capture menu you will get four options, first is Selection, second is window, third is Screen, and the fourth one is Timed Screen. You can select any one as per your preference.

5. Selection option allows you to select any section and capture it. Window option allows you to capture any window and store it in png format. Other than png you can choose other option also.

6. To capture a window, click on window option and then you will get option on screen to choose window. Drag the pointer on desired window and it will be saved on your system as an image.

6. To capture a window, click on window option

7. Screen option allows you to capture the full screen, and the last one is the Timed Screen.

8. When you use Timed Screen, you will see a watch on your screen. This option gives you 10 seconds delay to adjust your screen before taking the screenshot. You can use shortcut keys: Command + Shift + Z to use this.

use Timed Screen

How to take a screenshot on Mac Mojave or later using Screenshot bar

In macOS Mojave or later you can bring up a screenshot menu by pressing Command + Shift + 5. In the screenshot menu you will see a scall bar with some squares on it. This bar has lots of features like a partial screenshot, window screenshot, entire screen capture, and screen recording, etc.
How to take a screenshot on Mac Mojave or later using Screenshot bar
1. With the help of the first option, you can capture your entire screen. Everything that is on your screen will be captured and it will be saved as an image on your device.
screenshot your entire screen
2. If you want to capture a window then you can use second option. Just click on it and hover your cursor on the window you want to capture, you will notice window light up blue, now click your trackpad or mouse to capture it and save it.
screenshot a window
3. If you choose the third option then you can capture a specific portion of your screen and do this place your cursor and drag it and cover the area you want to capture and then leave it. Rest two options can be used for screen recording.
screenshot a portion of your screen
4. Whenever you take a screenshot you can see its thumbnail at the right-side corner.
How To Screenshot On Macbook?
5. You can click on it and edit it, also you can share it by click on the share button, and then follow onscreen instructions.
share your screenshot
6. You can change the file destination and select the location where you want to save them and to do this click on Options and choose a destination from Desktop, Documents, Downloads, Clipboard, Mail, and Messages. You can click o Other Location option to choose another destination.
choose where to save

Use Preview to capture your screen on Mac

It is a tool that allows you to open everything from photos to PDF or any other doc. It has lots of features, some of them are editing images and taking screenshots.

1. Open Finder and select Applications listed on the left.

2. Click on Preview to open the application.

3. Click the File option located on the menu bar.

4. Now from the drop-down menu, select Take Screenshot and select from Selection, Window, or Entire Screen, depending on your choice.

Once you take a screenshot, your Mac automatically saves it with the date and time stamp, also you can choose image format if you want it in jpeg or png format.

If you are using macOS Mojave or Catalina, there you can use quick editing tools to manage your screenshots. All your screenshots save at your Desktop by default and because of this, your desktop will quickly become a cluttered mess if you’re taking multiple screenshots in a row.

To resolve this problem, you can quickly group them using Stacks. To use Stacks just right-click the desktop and select Use Stacks option. It will declutter all the screenshot and clear your desktop area.

If you’re running older versions of macOS, you can drag the screenshots to the trash bin, and make some modifications via Terminal commands, or you can use third-party apps.

Bonus Tip-

Screenshot using Touch Bar on MacBook

If you have MacBook Pro or another model with the Touch Bar, then you can capture it by clicking Shift + Command + 6 key.
Screenshot using Touch Bar on MacBook

Visite Apple Website if you have any issues?

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