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5 Best Tricks To Find Printer Ip Address (in 2023)

How To Find Printer Ip Address?

Don’t know what is IP address and why it is important for you? With the help of this, you’ll be able to start fixing any connection issues by typing it into the command prompt box.

You can connect the new printer in seconds. For example, in mac, you can add a new printer by simply entering the IP address, which takes only a minute if you know the IP address of the device. (see image)

find printer ip address

5 Methods To Find Printer IP Address

1. Find Your Printer IP address Windows 10

There are different methods to find your printer’s IP address in windows 10. The first method is using the Control Panel and the second method is using Command Prompt. So, let’s start with the Control Panel. Follow these steps and you get your printer’s IP in seconds.

Find your Printer’s IP address In windows 10 using Control Panel

On your Windows 10 search bar type “Control Panel”. (see image)

printer ip address using control panel

Click on Devices and Printers option.

printer ip address using device and printers

After that Right-click on the printer and click on Properties. If you see three tabs then select Web services (WSD), and if you see five tabs then click on the Ports tab. (see image)

printer ip address using device and printers

Select the Web Services tab. You will see the IP address at the bottom side of this panel. And in Ports look for Standard TCP/IP Port.

If you can’t find your printer in the control panel or find this method little tricky, then I suggest you to try the Command Prompt method.

printer server properties
HTPrinter web services

2. Find Printer IP address Window 10 using Command Prompt

Open Command Prompt window and to do that you can use two methods.

First is using Shortcut key- Press and hold Window key and R, you will see a small search box in this box type cmd and hit enter.

And the second method is in the Windows search box type Command Prompt and click on it.

comand prompt

1. The next step is type ipconfig in the command prompt and press Enter.

run comand prompt

2. You will see some numbers on your screen, find your IPv4 address, and note down the number written in front of it.

3. In the next step type ping followed by space and then your IPv4 address number and hit enter. You will get Ping statistics for IPv4 addresses like Packet sent, Received, etc.

4. After the results load, type arp -a command and hit Enter. You will see all the dynamic and static connections using the IPv4 address on your screen.

run command

5. Open a web browser and paste the Dynamic IP address that you got from the arp command. If you get more than one addresses then paste each address and check them one by one.

6. If any IP address opens the printer setup page, that means this would be your printer’s IP address. On the printer webpage, you can see your product name and its working status as if the printer is connected on not and how much ink you have in your tray.

1. The first step is to click on System Preferences. Click on Apple logo on your screen which is in the top-left corner of your screen and selecting System Preferences from options.

go to system preference

2. Click on Printers and Scanners.

click on printer option

3. You will see all the connected printers on your left side column. Select the printer and you will see your printer’s IP address written with Location.

find your id address

4. Find your Printer’s IP address from the Printer menu

If you have a printer with a display screen then you can use this method. So, let’s start the process, first power on your printer, and make sure it is connected and you are not getting any blinking lite. Now follow these steps carefully.

• On the printer, press the Menu or Setup button.

• Use buttons to navigate and find networking or network setup option and then press Enter.

• Use arrow keys to navigate and explore all the options. Now click on the option named similar to TCP/IP, IP address, or Network Status, or Wi-Fi Status to view the IP address settings. Name can be different for different devices.

• You will find your printer’s IP address listed in this section.

5. Find Printer IP address from Router panel

It doesn’t matter if you are using a Mac or a PC, you can find your printer’s IP address by accessing your router.

1. Type your Router’s Local IP address in the browser it will look like and hit enter.

2. You will see the router’s login page. You need to enter the username and password to enter the dashboard.

3. After login, you can find your printer’s IP address under the list of devices connected to the network, or DHCP Client Table or a client list that varies from company to company.

4. Click on the client list and find your printer to obtain its IP address.

Note: Setting can be named differently depending on your router’s model. You can check for words like network, connected device, network topology, etc.

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