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How To Change The Name Of Your iPhone in 2 Minutes?

How To Change The Name Of Your iPhone in 2 Minutes?

How To Pair Airpods To iPhone?

When you bought a new iPhone, by default Apple iOS name it. The name includes your first name and then device name for example “Sam’s iPhone”. Your iPhone recognizes by this name and whenever you plug it with your MacBook or your Apple watch you can see the name.

Also, people can see this name when you use your device for AirDrop they find your device by the name that you named it, so if you don’t like the default name which is assigned by the Apple iOS or want to change is something else then you can do it now on your iPhone, Let me guide your if you are not aware how to do this.

Step 1. Tap on Settings app on your iPhone

Step 2. Scroll down and then click on General

How To Change The Name Of Your iPhone?
Step 3. Click on About at the top of your screen
tap on about
Step 4. Tap on Name option and change it as per your choice
tap on name
Step 5. Tap on Done and your iPhone name is updated
enter new name for your iphone

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How To Change AirPods Name?

We all love to name our personal things no matter if it’s our house, or bike, or car, for you it might be something else. Having a name with those things makes it more personal and more connecting.

If you are one of them who love to name their personal stuff but have a doubt, how to change your AirPods Name? then don’t worry dear I got your back. In the next 4 Steps, you will learn how to change or update your AirPods name. You can also use this trick to help your friend and family.

Step 1. Tap on Settings on your iPhone

How To Change AirPods Name?
Step 2. Tap on Bluetooth and then tap on (i) icon beside your AirPods
tap on bluetooth
Step 3. It will bring you into the AirPods menu. Then choose a name option
airpods name
Step 4. Now enter your name for you AirPods, for example, I wanted to add (old) so I simply type in and click on Back at the top, that’s it, your AirPods name is changed.
enter your airpods name

How to check if the AirPods name changed or not?

Ohh that very easy, you can open the music app, and then at the bottom, you will see your AirPods name. ohh mine is update check yours now…
How to check if the AirPods name changed or not?

How to change my name that’s associated with my Apple ID?

If you want to change your name that’s associated with your Apple ID then follow these step:

1. Click on the Settings app

How To Change AirPods Name?
2. Tap on your name
tap on your apple id
3. Choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email
3. Choose Name, Phone Numbers, Email
4. Now click on your name at the top to change it and enter a new name.
click on your name
5. You can enter your First name, middle name, and last name, enter it and click on Done.
enter new name

If you have any doubt you can visit Apple Website.

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