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Best Trick To Change Icon Size In Windows 10 Easily

Change Icon Size In Windows 10 Like a Pro

Do you know by default Windows offer us three icon sizes for our desktop screen that is Large, Medium and Small

In this post we will guide you how to change icon size in windows 10. Other than that we will give you three super easy to use tricks using that you can change windows icon size easily. You can try these tricks one by one after reading this post. 

we also have one Bonus trick for you in which we will guide you how to hide desktop icons.

How to change icon size in Windows 10?

Follow this 3 step guide and become a Pro.

  • First right-click on your mouse and you will see shortcut option on the desktop screen.
  • Click on View and in the sub-menu, you will see three options- Large icon, Medium icon, Small icon.
change icon size
  • Select the icon size you want to use. Like we have selected the Large icon and the desktop icon size changed to Large (see image)
choose icon size

How To Change Taskbar Icon Size Windows 10

Other than the desktop icons you can change taskbar icon size in windows 10. There’s a different setting to change the size of the icons in your taskbar, which not only change the size of text but also the size of the apps, and other items across Windows 10. Follow these steps- 

  • First Right-click on your mouse then click on Display setting option on shortcut menu. 
change display settings
  • It will open the Display setting where you will see lots of settings like Brightness and color, scale and layout, Display resolution, Display orientation, etc.
  • With Brightness and color, you can change the display brightness. Display resolution will change the display view of the screen. By default, it is on 1366*768, you can change it if you want a different display size resolution. And to change the display orientation to Landscape or Portrait you can use the Display orientation option.
  • Finally, the Scale and Layout, using this option you can change the size of the text, apps, and other items. Click on the dropdown and you will see by default it is on 100% and you have only one more option that is 125%.
  • Let’s change this to 125% and see how much it changes the look of the system. As you can see in 125% setting text and icons sizes are increased. (see image). Change the setting as per your choice and it will be saved the changes automatically.
scale and layout
cahnge size of the text

How To Change Icon Size In Windows 10 File Explorer?

If you want to resize a particular folder icon or thumbnail then you can use these simple steps and update them.

  • Open the file manager then open the folder you want to resize. 
  • Press the Ctrl key on your keyboard then use your mouse scroll wheel to zoom in or out,
  • It will change the folder icon, thumbnail size, and save the settings automatically.

Bonus Trick- How To Hide, Show or Resize Icon In Windows 10

If you want a simple and clean desktop screen, then you can use this trick and hide your desktop icons. 

  • Right-click on your screen and then click on View
  • From the sub-menu click on Show desktop icons, and it will hide the desktop icons from the desktop screen.
  • If you want them back then again open the setting and click on it.
show desktop icon

We hope this post add some value. If you like this post, share it with your friends and family. If you have any question you can comment below. 


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