Bose’s new QC Ultra headphones and wireless earbuds are great — here’s how I made them sound even better


The new Bose QuietComfort Ultra Headphones and QuietComfort Ultra Earbuds have been setting the wireless audio category ablaze since they arrived last month. Reviews for both products are nothing short of stellar, as critics praised the on-ear entry as the best noise-cancelling headphones, while also acknowledging their true wireless version as the best noise-cancelling earbuds. They each offer intuitive features, superior active noise cancellation, and terrific sound quality, highlighted by Bose’s all-new spatial audio format called Immersive Audio.

While the Bose QC Ultra Headphones and QC Ultra Earbuds are exceptional upgrades, neither of the flagship models are easy on the wallet priced at $429 and $299, respectively. If you decide to splurge on one or the other, or even both, you’ll want to set them up for optimal sound performance. Take it from a tech writer who has spent time testing both models — there’s more to their audio capabilities than just toggling on the 3D audio mode.


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