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Best VPN for Your Smart TV


When it comes to at-home entertainment options, having an internet-connected smart TV is the way to go. With a smart TV, you can access popular streaming services and apps to watch your favorite TV shows and movies. But having these services at your fingertips can also leave your personal information vulnerable. To keep your private data safe, installing the best smart TV VPN can eliminate these worries and thwart prying eyes from accessing your info. And let’s not forget the additional perk of using a smart TV VPN: This safety tool can sidestep region-based content blocks to grant unrestricted access content on Netflix and all the other major streaming services.

Using a smart TV VPN will keep your personal info secure which is a safe and smart choice. A high-quality, well-tested virtual private network will encrypt your data using a remote and secure server, thus ensuring your online behavior remains private. So while you’re connected to a VPN, everything you view and click online is kept locked away from anyone trying to see what you’re doing — including your ISP. Without these protections, your internet service provider can monitor whatever you’re watching on your smart TV, collect data and sell your information in order to target you with ads. 

Just like any device that’s connected to the internet, smart TVs also come with security risks. Without the right protections, internet-connected devices can be hacked. Cybercriminals or government entities get access to your viewing information, intercept your passwords, compromise your smart TV and more. It’s important to minimize those risks and keep bad actors from knowing your viewing habits. 

The best VPN for your smart TV will offer solid security, fast speeds, helpful customer support, the ability to unblock streaming services, and cross-platform compatibility (including on VPN routers as well as on Android and Amazon Fire devices). (Beware of free VPN services since they can put your privacy at risk, and they usually impose restrictive bandwidth and data caps that make them essentially useless for your smart TV.) With a focus on the qualities above, we’ve rounded up the five best VPN services for your smart TV.

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