Best Verizon Plans: How to Choose and Which Ones To Pick


Additional details: 

  • Network: Verizon
  • High-speed data: Unlimited, though not at fastest speeds, and Verizon will slow it in busy areas when the “network is experiencing heavy traffic”
  • Price: $65 per month for one line, $110 per month for two lines, $120 per month for four lines (with automatic payments and paper-free billing)

More: Verizon’s updated plans have replaced the carrier’s previous Welcome Unlimited offer with… one named Unlimited Welcome. While the names are flipped, the core offer is still largely the same: There are no streaming perks like the Disney Bundle included by default with this plan, no hotspot data, and you can’t hop on Verizon’s fastest 5G networks (which it calls Ultra Wideband). Instead, it will be more in line, if not slightly better, than the 4G LTE experience you’ve had for years. 

Upgrading your phone while on this plan also might preclude you from getting Verizon’s best device deals.

You do, however, get Verizon’s network for $65 per month for one or $120 a month for four lines, assuming you have automatic payments set up. If you do want perks like the Disney Bundle or Apple One, you can add them at $10 per month, per perk. 

For most people who just want the base service, Welcome is probably more than enough. If you do need faster speed or hotspot data you can move those lines up to Unlimited Plus while keeping the rest on this cheaper option (what the carrier calls “mix and match”). The Plus plan offers many of the same capabilities as Welcome, but with the bonus of 30GB of high-speed hotspot data, the ability to connect to Verizon’s fastest Ultra Wideband 5G networks and the comfort of knowing your data won’t be slowed in very busy areas (think packed stadiums or arenas). 

If you switch to Verizon and bring your own phone, the carrier will give you $180 back over 36 months. This amounts to a $5 monthly savings and is why the carrier’s website may show you different pricing. And those looking to save even more can combine the Welcome plan with Verizon’s other discounts for teachers, nurses, military and first responders. We cover those discounts here. 

Pros: Verizon’s 4G LTE network is a strong backbone, can still get perks, and can “mix and match” plans. 

Cons: No access to Verizon’s fastest 5G networks, no set amount of high-speed data, no hotspot data, lower savings on upgrades to new devices, and Verizon makes the pricing complicated on its website. 


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