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Best Spy App For iPhone In 2023

Monitor, You Love One’s With Best Spy App For iPhone

Best Spy app in 2020, It’s Feature Will blow Your Mind!

Whether you want to monitor your children or want to track your partner or employee, you can’t do that alone. These things require lots of time and effort. 

You can think about hiring a spy agent who will do the work for you, I know that sounds great, but it’s not pocket friendly. A Spy agent will charge you $200-$500 for his services which is quite expensive.

So how to protect your family and monitor them without getting noticed. The first thing you are not alone who has this problem and the second thing is there is a solution for it. You can use Spy apps for iPhone.

After doing thorough research and testing we have come up with one name that is the best spy app for iPhone in 2023. This company is in the market for a very long time. It has two offices one is in the US and one is in the UK. With an average Rating of 4.7 , this company has 400k happy customers. It offers a 3 Day free trial and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, are you excited to what’s the name of the company. Well, Its name is iKeyMonitor.

iKeyMonitor is a leader in device monitoring apps. They had developed these apps for Android, Windows, iPhone, and Mac platform user

What Makes iKeyMonitor Best Spy App For iPhone?

iKeyMonitor is the only monitoring app that comes with both Jailbreak and Non-Jailbreak support. Most of the spy apps are available in the market support the jailbreak option and due to which they ask their customers to jailbreak their device before installing it.

 And we all know jailbreaking the iPhone, means removing Apple’s limitation to gain full access to the operating system which can affect our device and its security.

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  • It is compatible with all the devices which are running on iOS device 9 to 14.x
  • To use this, you will require the target device’s iCloud ID and Password.
  • Turn on Two-Factor Authentication for on-demand iCloud Access. You can turn on Two-factor Authentication on the target device for this you must have physical access to the device. Learn More
  • Turn on iCloud Backup on the device.


  • It is fully compatible with all jailbroken iPhone/iPad
  • In jailbreak, you require physical access to install (Get device in hand and Unlock it).


Being the best spy app for iPhone, iKeyMonitor offers two plans. The first one is free which doesn’t have many features and to unlock all the features you need to buy addons which will cost you 9.99$/3 days or you can select the second plan in which you can buy its monthly or yearly plan.

Monthly Plan: 59.99$ with all the features and adorns

Yearly Plan: You will get a 50% discount on the yearly purchase.

What Features iKeyMonitor Offer

iKeyMonitor features make it the best spy app for iPhone. It has lots of features that you may never find in any free or paid application. Let see what you will get if you install this app.

  • It comes with SMS and Messaging apps tracking which means all the popular applications which we use to communicate like Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, etc. can be monitor.
  • You can read all the chat and conversation, with whom it was happening, at what time the message drop or read, etc. It can monitor almost all the applications, you can see all the apps which it can monitor in the given image.

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Features of Monitoring App for iPhone iPad Android iKeyMonitor™
ikeymonitor features

  • It also has Call history logs, Call recording, SMS Text messaging, Keystrokes feature which allows you to see all the contact logs of the device, you can listen to all the call records and track all the Keystrokes.
  • It can monitor the device’s movement and placement. With Geo fencing and GPS features, you will get the exact location of the device. You will get a notification whenever this device will move or stop at any place.
  • With the help of this, you can monitor what websites are visited by the targeted user. What kind of content the user was consuming online?
  • With this, you can look into the user’s iPhone and check all the apps that he is using whether they are hidden or not. All the installed apps will be visible to you on your dashboard. And you can check their data, their installation details, and other information.
  • Multimedia Tracking can be possible with this app. Which means you can see all the multimedia files whether it is images, videos, or mp3, you can access them on your dashboard. You can Remotely Take Screenshot on the target device.
  • It allows you to listen to Voice messages and phone surroundings which is also very helpful.
  • It comes with three phone control apps which include App blocker with which you can block any app’s access, Screen time limit with the help of which you can set screen time limit, and lock it as per your choice.
  • Schedules that can be used to set a schedule when you want to monitor the device, like you want to monitor it between 2 PM to 9 PM then set schedule time for it and it will track the device only in this specific time frame.
  • It comes with Discreet and Temper proof monitoring which means it will be protected by password and custom codes or URLs, which prevent unauthorized access.
  • In its easy control mode, you will get some more cool features like Multiple Languages, Send Logs via Email, Upload Logs to FTP, Remote Tracking, Alert Words, and many more.
  • Multiple languages allow you to see the tracking content in multiple languages. And Send Logs via Email feature allow you to send all the monitoring logs to you with which you can monitor the device without even log in to your dashboard.
  • With Upload Logs to FTP feature, you can upload the monitoring logs on your website.

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Features of Monitoring App for iPhone iPad Android iKeyMonitor™ 2

  • Remote Tracking allows you to monitor the device remotely. You can remotely turn on or off iKeyMonitor.
  • The alert words feature will track words used by your children or partner. With this, you can set word alert so that whenever they use these words you will get instant notification on your device.
  • With Group Management you can manage multiple devices at the same time.
  • Account Deletion feature can be used to delete your account so that no trace of your monitoring is left behind. It adds additional security and relief to the monitoring process.
  • With five Phone Info apps you can enhance your monitoring and track every little thing which you can ever thought like Notes/Reminder, Calendar, Email Content entered, User contact, and his/her wifi history.

Features of Monitoring App for iPhone iPad Android iKeyMonitor™ 3

So, How Does It Work?

First step is check your device compatibility,  and then choose which plan you want monthly or yearly. You have the option to use it for 3 day for free. But if you are serious about device monitoring then select a paid plan which will unlock all the premium features for you. 

After you buy the plan you will receive a email on your registered email id in which you will get your username  and password and one link which can be use to download the application. They also guide you how to login to your dashboard with this login details.

 In next step enter your login details and open your dashboard. On the dashboard screen, you can see all the apps and their data.

open your dashboard

Click on the Logs option on the left sidebar and you will see a submenu with other important options like Chat, GPS, Geo-fencing, Call history, Photos, and many more.

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EaseMon Cloud 1

Click on the Call History option and it will show you all the call logs with time and duration. All the incoming calls and outgoing calls can be monitored here and you can listen to all the call records as well.

Click on the Call History

If you want to see images then click on the Photo option and it will show you all the images and videos available in the gallery. You can sort them date or time vise.

click on image option

How To Set Up App Without Jailbreak?

Before we can start the setup process.

  • You will need the iCloud ID and Password of the target iPhone. the iCloud backup must be enabled. And two-factor authentications should be disabled. (see the image.)

How to Set up iPhone Spy without Jailbreak?

  • Create a new Apple iCloud Id. You can skip this step if the two-factor authentication is disabled. If you cannot turn off the two-factor authentication then you need to create a new iCloud id.


  • You can use two different Apple IDs for the app store and iCloud backup.
  • Changing the iCloud ID won’t affect app downloads and updates.

create new icloud id

In the next step-change your iCloud Id. For this Register a New iCloud ID. Then sign out of the current iCloud ID.

change icloud id

  • Enter the new iCloud Id in the iPhone and don’t enable the two-factor authentication. Now on your iPhone enable iCloud Backup, Find My, and iCloud Drive.
  •  Next, we will log in to the iKeyMonitor app. Follow the wizard and select iPhone/iPad as the monitoring device.

add to ikey monitor

  • After that it will ask you to choose one option form four, you will tap on No, I can’t find Cydia on screen or I’m not sure what is jailbreaking.
  • In the next step enter your iCloud ID and Password. And wait for 40-60 minutes for the log downloading.
  • Setup is done now login to cloud panel. You can check each app and monitor the target device easily. Click photos to see images and videos, click on chat to view chat logs. 

login to cloud panel

How to Set up iPhone with Jailbreak?

If you want to install it in Jailbreak iPhone then my friend to do this you need to physically access the device and install the app. When you buy the jailbreak version for the device, they will give you a link with the help of which you can download the app in the target device and after that, you can monitor it freely.


We tested it thoroughly and find that iKeymonitor is the best app for iPhone monitoring. It can fulfill all your demands and give you accurate information. As compared to other apps it is quite affordable if you buy its yearly plan you will get a 50% discount.

The best thing about this app is its 24/7 customer support they are very professional and trained and know how to handle the customer and how to fix an issue. We strongly recommend this app to our audience.

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