Best Sonos Deals: Save on the Move, Era 300, Room Bundles and More


$593 at Sonos

Sonos Move and Roam Portable Set: $593

Bundle and save $35

$469 at Sonos

Sonos Era 100 in the kitchen

Sonos 2 Room Set with Era 100: $469

Bundle and save $29

$853 at Sonos

Sonos Era 300 speaker set in a living room

Sonos Era 300 Immersive Music Set: $853

Bundle and save $45

$179 at Sonos

Upper part of a Sonos Roam speaker on a yellow background

Sonos Roam: $179

Small and portable: No discounts currently available

$449 at Sonos

Sonos Era 300 speaker on a cabinet

Sonos Era 300: $449

New premium smart speaker: No discounts currently available

$899 at Sonos

A sideview of a white Sonos Arc soudbar on a black TV stand.

Sonos Arc: $885

Smart soundbar with subwoofer: Save $14

Sonos has a reputation for making great premium audio gear for the consumer. Its products regularly feature on our lists of the best Bluetooth speakers and soundbars, so you know you’re getting good quality. In fact, Sonos’ latest S2 operating system supports hi-res audio standards and its Wi-Fi playback is compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. That means you can cast to Sonos gear directly without needing the app, while Sonos’ portable speakers can also handle Bluetooth playback. 

Despite the variety of Sonos’ speakers, one thing remains constant: the dearth of deals. Its speakers are rarely discounted, and right now, just about the only way to score some savings is by purchasing two or more speakers at a time as part of a set. And if the Sonos speaker you’re looking to buy isn’t on sale, be sure to check out the Sonos Certified Refurbished products page, where you might be able to pick one up for less than full price.

We’ve assembled Sonos’ most popular products here, and we’ll update this page as more Sonos speakers go on sale. 

Sonos Roam and Move Portable Set


This set bundles the smallest portable speaker in the lineup with the largest portable speaker for flexibility around your home. It’s discounted by a slight $35 right now at Sonos.

Sonos Era 100 in the kitchen


The new Sonos Era 100 replaces the Sonos One as the company’s mainstream indoor smart speaker. It sounds better than the One while also adding Bluetooth and a line-in port (via USB-C) for greater playback versatility. You can save $29 on a pair of Era 100 speakers. Read our Sonos Era 100 review.

Sonos Era 300 speaker set in a living room


When you double up on the new Sonos premium indoor smart speaker, the Era 300, you can save $45. It has six drivers and support for Dolby Atmos spatial audio. It’s the most advanced speaker in the Sonos lineup.

Sonos Roam Adventure Set


This speaker set lets you use two Roam speakers together for stereo sound, and you can separate the pair and use each individually in different spots in your home or via Bluetooth while on the go. When purchased together, you get a $20 discount.

Read our Sonos Roam review.

Sonos Move and Arc speaker set


This set pairs the big but portable Move speaker with the Arc soundbar and saves you $70 compared to buying separately. Together, the speakers create an excellent home theater setup via Wi-Fi. You have the flexibility to separate the pair and take the portable Move with you and listen anywhere via Bluetooth.

Upper part of a Sonos Roam speaker on a yellow background


The Roam is the smallest speaker in the Sonos lineup. It’s weatherproof and gets its Roam moniker for its ability to switch automatically between Wi-Fi when you’re at home and Bluetooth when you’re, well, roaming. You can bark voice commands at it via Alexa or Google Assistant when the speaker is on your Wi-Fi network. And we found it produces impressive sound for a speaker its size. Read our Sonos Roam review.

Sonos Era 300 speaker on a cabinet


The Sonos Era 300 boasts a completely new design and slots in as the company’s premium indoor smart speaker. It’s much larger than the Sonos Era 100 and includes Dolby Atmos spatial audio support along with dedicated stereo drivers and height speakers. It also features a built-in calibration routine called Quick Tune that uses the onboard “smart” microphones, in addition to the existing iOS Trueplay system.

The Move is Sonos’ largest portable smart speaker. It offers the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity as the Roam and is weatherproofed, too, for use indoors and out. It’s considerably bigger than the Roam and costs more than twice as much, but it also produces bigger sound with better bass.

Read our Sonos Move review.

Sonos Sub Gen 3 on the floor


To get the thumping bass in music and the explosions in movies that you want to be able to not only hear but also feel, add the Sonos Sub to your setup. It connects easily and wirelessly over Wi-Fi and will round out your home theater’s sound by handling the low frequencies. You can save a whole $21 if you buy from Walmart, but that’s as good as the deal gets.

A sideview of a white Sonos Arc soudbar on a black TV stand.

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

Number of channels 3.0.2Wireless subwoofer NoConnections HDMI, Wi-FiDolby Atmos Yes

The Sonos Arc is one of the best soundbars you can buy. Unlike the Beam, the Arc packs in an integrated subwoofer. Even though it costs hundreds more than the Beam, you don’t need to buy a separate subwoofer to rattle the windows. You can grab it grom Walmart for $885, which knocks $14 off the price you’d find at Sonos

Read our Sonos Arc review.

Sonos One on a bookshelf

Sarah Tew/CNET

The Sonos One combines speaker smarts, sound quality and affordability. It supports both Alexa and Google Assistant and boasts a bigger, fuller sound than nearly every other smart speaker. It also supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth playback, giving it some versatility, even if you shouldn’t leave it outdoors.

Read our Sonos One review.

Sonos Beam Gen 2 on a table

Ty Pendlebury/CNET

The second-gen Beam is a compact soundbar with Dolby Atmos that makes movies sound huge with its virtual surround capabilities. It’s also a smart speaker with Alexa and Google Assistant on board. There’s no discount on the black model, but the white model is going for 481 at Walmart, which is $17 off the regular price

Read our Sonos Beam Gen 2 review.


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