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Best Solo Ads Providers Who Deliver Guaranteed High Value Traffic

best solo ads

In this article you will not only learn about the best solo ad providers, but also how to filter them and pick the right one. 

Whether you want to create an email list of subscribers or generate more sales, solo advertising is the best option for you.

Nowadays Solo ads are very popular in online marketing. People started switching from Facebook and Google ads to solo ads  because they are getting better results at a very reasonable cost. One main reason which made solo ads so popular is that you don’t have to do keyword research or interest-based targeting for solo ads. 

This is because solo ads traffic comes directly from highly targeted email lists, which means you’ll get hot traffic with buyer intent that’s more likely to convert.

A majority of internet marketers use solo ads traffic for A/B testing of their checkout pages created with Clickfunnels, ClickBank, JvZoo, WarriorPlus etc. While some use it for affiliate marketing

However, the majority of people who purchase solo ads use them to build an email list.

Having a mailing list MUST be your top priority,

As per study people’s average attention is getting shorter so creating an email list gives you an edge as you can follow up with targeted offers and deals and get them to buy from you later.

What Are Solo Ads?

Well, It is one of the popular and fastest growing online marketing method among affiliates and online marketers. 

For those who don’t know what are Solo Ads and how its work? 

It’s an email based advertisement in which you as an promoter (who want to promote his products) will contact an Solo Ads Vendor (who has a huge email lists of potential buyers) and tell him that you want to promote a product/services. 

The Solo ads vendor will share your product/service with his email list and in return he will charge you some fees. People from that email list click on your affiliate link and buy the product/services you will earn a commission.

-Some of the features of Solo Ads are

  1. Using solo ads you can quickly spread the products with the potential customers.
  2. Solo ads vendors update their emails lists regularly so that the buyer will get new audience to target.
  3. You can add your affiliate links in multiple formats like HTML, plain texts, images, etc.
  4. Solo Ads helps to grow your business.
  5. They are the most cost-effective and well-converting Ads in the world.

How Solo Ads Work?

Let’s understand how solo ads works.

  • First, you search for a solo ad seller on internet.
  • Once you find one, you will contact the Solo ads vendor/email list owner and ask for access to the email list.
  • In next step you will pay him as per visitors/subscribers.
  • The Solo Ads vendor will share your product with his email list.
  • And If everything goes well, then  some of the subscribers will click on the given link, and convert.

How To Track Your Affiliate Links?

When you buy solo ads you can track their performance and how much leads you gets on your dashboard. Other than this If you are an affiliate marketer or an SEO expert who wants to monitor multiple affiliate links then you might need an expert tool like ClickMagic.

ClickMagic is one of the best link trackings took using that you can track affiliate links from any website, ads, country. Try this tool for free- 14 Days Free Trial.

Must Have Tools For Solo Ads

Before you start buying solo ads traffic, make sure you have these super helpful tools to track everything.

  1. ClickMagic (The Best Solo Ads Traffic Tracker)
  2. Click Funnel (Most Famous funnel builder )
  3. UpViral (The Best Giveaway Software)
  4. Convertful ( The Best Email Optin Form Creator )

1. ClickMagic: Your solo ads campaigns and your money will be completely destroyed if you aren’t using the right tools to track the solo ads traffic.

Not every solo ads suppliers are trustworthy. So, If you don’t choose the correct person, you’re more likely to get duped and conned. Only a right click monitoring tool can help you in tracking all the ads traffic, conversion rates, and other metrics for each vendor.

Well, I personally use ClickMagick to track all my campaigns and also recommend it to all the solo ads buyer, even if you’re just getting started.

2.Click Funnel: Let’s assume you bought the solo ads now after buying the solo ads where would you send the ads traffic (or email traffic)?

Well you need a landing page to collect people’s email addresses and to create a landing page you can use world’s most trusted funnel tool that is Clickfunnels. It offers dozens of pre-made high converting landing page templates which are ready to use. 

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55+ Best Solo Ads Provider in 2022

Before i will name all the 55 Best solo ads providers, i would like to tell you about Udimi. Those who don’t know about Udimi , it is the biggest solo ads vendor in the world. It has hundreds of solo ads sellers and thousands of reliable solo ads buyers from around the world. Well, It’s a one stop solution for all the affiliates and Online marketers.

Udimi solo ads

Best thing about Udimi is that you can easily compare all the solo ads vendors side by side and pick the one that suits to your requirement. The list of solo ads sellers can be filtered by price, rating, and conversion rate etc. Other than that you can check seller’s profile and read about him like how much rating has been given to him, customer reviews about the seller etc.


  • What makes Udimi unique is that it promises 100% real human traffic. It uses extremely powerful tools that filter the fake views.
  • Udimi has a buyer protection policy just like PayPal that it protects its buyer from any fraud or loss.
  • Udimi pick ads sellers very preciously, the ad sellers need to pass the tests only then they can join Udimi and sell solo ads.
  • Udimi provides best solo ads for affiliate marketing, and their average cost lies between $0.35 – $0.95 per user.
  • They also offer Prime Membership plan which will cost you around $148/mo. The Prime members get access to some very powerful tools and filters using that they can generate more income.

Super Osm Trick To Find The Best Solo Ads Vendor on Udimi

Want to buy Udimi Solo Ads? follow the given steps and you’re good to go.

Step:1 Visit Udimi and  signup. 

2. SoloAdsx


Next, we have SoloAdsx, it is also a well know solo ads marketplace. They promise to provide 100% human traffic. 

When you visit the website, you can see the top 10 Best solo ads providers on your screen. You can choose solo. You can talk to him and discuss about your product or can ask any query about ads, once you are done you can place the order.

After this, you need to share the product link with the vendor, so that the work of sending clicks can get started.

In the next step, you will sit back and relax and the solo ads vendor will send the traffic. 


  • The site gets updated every week, by every best solo ad vendor to guarantee the 100% human traffic.
  • Everything is double-checked.
  • SoloAdsx gives a 100% promise of Conversion.

3. SmarterSoloAds


Next, we have SmarterSoloAds. Paul Graham is the solo ads provided on this site. He Is a very well-known ad vendor and has a high-quality email list. The best thing about him is that he provides ads at a very attractive price point.

He also, give the guarantee of high targets with the most surety converting to sales. It gives the most flexible and IM targeted traffics in the corporation. But one downside of him is they don’t have any refund policy, so you better think before you buy.


  • Clarified Targeted Solo Ads Traffic, where the user will get 100% legal email traffic.
  • Delivery is fast, all the clicks delivery is awaited within 72 hours time period from the starting date, but most likely delivery of the clicks depends upon the amount of it is being ordered, if the amount is less it may get delivered with 24 hours.
  • It gives an instant reporting offer as well, where real-time reporting on all solo ads that is being purchased is also offered.
  • 100% confirmation of all the raw and individual clicks will also be available to the user via ClickMagick or MCBP reporting.

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