3 best solo ads vendors

3 Best Solo Ads Vendors in 2023 (Top Tier Traffic)

3 Best Marketplace to Find Best Solo Ad Proviers 2023

3 best solo ads vendors

Best solo ads for affiliate marketing 2023-24

In today’s fast-paced environment, solo advertising (email marketing) has emerged as a key player in the advertising industry. Solo advertisements help to expand your reach and identify potential clients in a short span of time. The best thing about solo ads is that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can promote your product by hiring someone who already has an email list.

Today, we are going to share with you the 3 best solo ads marketplaces to buy targeted solo ads. All these marketplaces contain more than 10,000+ solo ad vendors from different niches.

Aside from that, we will share some tricks that will help you find your ideal solo vendor within a click. So are you ready to learn about these 3 best solo ad vendors? Let’s dive in.

Why use solo ads?

Solo ads are one of the most popular methods to promote your business. Affiliate marketers and digital players love solo ads because, with them, you can target a highly targeted audience and promote your products and services efficiently without doing any keyword research or interest-based targeting.

In today’s fast-paced environment, solo advertising (email marketing) has emerged as a key player in the advertising industry. Solo advertisements help to expand your reach and identify potential clients in a short span of time. The best thing about solo ads is that you don’t have to start from scratch. You can promote your product by hiring someone who already has an email list.

The reason why solo ads are so popular is that they are quite affordable, easy to use, and convert better than PPC (pay per click). This is the reason why online marketers are shifting from traditional marketing platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google Ads to targeted solo ads.

However, finding reliable solo ad sellers has become very hard because the shady solo ad sellers market themselves as the best sellers and make the good ones hide in the dark.

But don’t worry. In this post, we will provide some tips and tricks with which you can find the best solo ad vendors and promote your business or services.

What are solo ads?

For those who are new to solo ad and don’t know about it, well, it is one of the easiest and most efficient marketing method  using which you can promote your product or service effortlessly.

Solo ads are a popular online advertising method that allows you to promote your business to a large number of people in a short period of time.

How do solo ads work?

It is an email based marketing method in which an email is sent to a list of subscribers. This email contains a promotional link to the solo ad buyer’s website or product. 

Let’s understand this with the help of an example: Assume you started a business, and you want to sell your products but you don’t have an audience.

You find someone who has an “elite” list of email subscribers.

He agrees to promote your business by sending promotional emails to his subscribers, and in return, he will charge a small fee.

Solo advertising is a win-win solution for both parties. You get to promote your business and hopefully get some leads or sales.

Do solo ads work?

Yes, solo ads work.

Unlike every other business, where you have to start from scratch and build your own audience, with solo ads, you can target an audience that has already been built by another business.

With solo advertisements, you can quickly put your brand in front of your audience.

However, in order to use it successfully, you must have the required budget. Furthermore, it is vital to understand that solo ads are not magical.

In order to be effective, you must have a well-thought-out plan and strategy in place. On the plus side, solo ads do help you achieve results faster than most of the well-known marketing platforms.

Four Tools That Every Solo Ad Buyer Must Use

1ClickMagic (The Best Solo Ads Traffic Tracker)

2-Click Funnel (The Most Trusted Funnel Builder)

3-UpViral (The Best Giveaway Software)

4-Convertful (The Best Email Optin Form Creator)

Are you seeking for a marketing solution that can expand your campaign, track its effectiveness, and make every click count?

solo ads traffic quality

ClickMagick:- It is one of the most advanced click monitoring tools in the world. It uses ClickMagick’s Click Shield to filter out all of the fake clicks.

It will provide you with useful insights about the solo ads and how well they are performing.Unlike other click monitoring apps, ClickMagick gives you complete control over your campaign. With ClickMagick, you can easily track opt-ins and sales.

Well, we personally use ClickMagick to track all our campaigns and also recommend it to all the people who are planning to buy solo ads traffic. 

With ClickMagick you can-

-Track the performance of your campaigns, upload data to CRM, and track clicks.

– Monitor the success of each of your marketing campaigns, identify trends, and measure progress.

– Automates numerous manual operations, such as measuring the conversion rate of every campaign, split testing and optimising advertising for desired conversions.

ClickMagic offers three plans: Starter, Standard, and Pro.

The starter plan will cost you $37/mo.

The standard plan will cost you $77/mo.

And the Pro plan will cost you $197/mo.

They also offer a 14-day free trial, which is a great way to test the product.

Best Alternative of clickmagick- Volumm

Let’s move to the next tool, which is a funnel builder.(This is where you will send your purchased traffic and capture email addresses).

Clickfunnels  is one of the world’s most popular online sales funnel solutions. ClickFunnels claims that by using its funnel, you can capture more leads, and convert them into paying customers. The best part of ClickFunnels is that no technical, design, or coding skills are required.

You get access to hundreds of plug-and-play templates, or  you can create your own unique funnels.  In as little as 10 minutes, you can create your first funnel and start collecting new leads.

It is mainly used by Online marketers and solo ad buyers for A/B Testing , high-converting squeeze pages (opt-in pages) and sales funnels. It offers dozens of pre-made, high-converting templates that are ready to use.

ClickFunnels Pricing: It offers two plans.


  • You can Share Funnels
  • You can create 20 Sales Funnels
  • For only 1 User
  • You can add upto 3 Payment Gateways
  • You can add upto 3 Custom Domains
  • Free access to the Funnel Hacker Forum
  • Best in class customer support
  • Funnel Flix – Basic



  • You can Share Funnels
  • You can create unlimited Sales Funnels 
  • 3 Users can use it
  • You can add 9 Payment Gateways
  • You can add9 Custom Domains
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Free access to the Funnel Hacker Forum 
  • Funnel Flix – Platinum
  • Unlimited Email Follow-Up and Broadcasting

Want to try Clickfunnel. Click on the given and start 30 day free classes in which they will teach you how to start and setup your first funnel for free.  Create your first funnel now!

Download now TheFunnelHackersBook for Free:- TheFunnelHackersCookbook

Next we have UpViral, which is a cloud based referral marketing platform. Using this tool you can run multilevel contests and offer freebies and discount coupons to your customer. It’s referral marketing method will help you generate more leads and customers. 


Using UpViral you can create reward campaigns and link them with your solo ads marketing funnels. 

Using this tool you can easily track every solo ad provider’s conversion rates in terms of virality. UpViral offers a monthly plan that starts at $49/mo, but you can try it now for just $1.

4-Convertful (The Best Email Optin Form Creator)


Not all tools have all the functions. This is why you should use the dedicated opt-in form to collect the emails. 

Convertful is the perfect tool that converts visitors into leads effortlessly. It offers everything you need to optimise the performance of your campaign.

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3 Best Place to Buy Solo Ads in 2023

Let’s start with our first solo ads marketplace, i.e., 

1. Udimi

2. 7daysbuyers

3. SoloAdsx

Those who don’t know or have never heard of Udimi, well, it’s the biggest solo ads marketplace on the internet where you can find ad sellers of every niche. It has more than 2 Million happy customer around the word. Udimi works like a mediator and connects the solo ad buyer with the sellers. 

For beginners, Udimi is the best place to start with as it has hundreds of verified solo ad sellers from different niches. You can easily find vendors in your niche and purchase solo ads.

Best thing about Udimi solo ads is that you can easily compare all the solo ads vendors side by side and pick the one that suits to your requirement. 

Features That Make Udimi The Best Solo Ad Seller

  • Udimi promises 100% real human traffic and, to ensure this, it uses extremely powerful traffic monitoring tools that filter out fake clicks,(boat traffic), meaning you will get 100% real traffic.
  • Udimi has a buyer protection policy just like PayPal, using which it protects its buyers from any fraud or loss.
  • Udimi picks the ad sellers with great care.The ad sellers need to pass the tests before they can join Udimi. If they pass the test, only then can they sell solo ads on Udimi.
  • Udimi is a gold mine for affiliate marketers and online marketers. They can easily find targeted solo ads for all the niches.
  • The best thing about Udimi is that their solo ads are very affordable. Their average cost is somewhere between $0.20 and $0.95 per click, which is quite low compared to other marketplaces.
  • Udimi has 1000’s of solo ads providers. You can filter them by Niche, Price, Rating, Sales, Tier Vise Traffic , languages, and much more.
  • You can check out Solo ad seller’s profile, rating, and what people are talking about him.
  • In the Udimi marketplace, you can contact the solo ads providers directly via chat and discuss your product/services and its promotion strategy.
  • Udimi has best-in-class professional solo ad sellers. You can request them to design your squeeze pages to achieve the best opt-in rate.
  • Udimi offers world-class customer support.
  • They also have a Prime Membership plan. The Prime membership gives you access to some very powerful tools, using which you can multiply your returns and track everything effortlessly. It’s Prime Membership Plan will cost you around $29.95/mo.
Are you planning to buy solo ads from udimi.Click on the button and get $5 disocunt on your 1st order.

Some Advance Features of Udimi Solo Ads

Udim Stand With Its Cusotmers:

One of the main reasons why people trust Udimi is that it stands with its customers.

  • Udimi makes sure that its customers will get 100% real-time guaranteed traffic.
  • If you are not happy with the service, you can ask for a refund for the solo ad purchased from Udimi.
  • Udimi has a highly skilled customer support team, who will resolve your issues without any dealy.
  • Real reviews by real buyers: Unlike other solo ad marketplaces, Udimi allows only its buyers to post reviews on solo ad sellers’ profiles.

Pros & Cons of Udimi Solo Ads

Pros of Udimi Solo Ads

  • Has an easy-to-use interface
  • Exceptionally great solo ad deals
  • Provides filtered traffic
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Highly cost-effective
  • Traffic available in various niches

Cons of Udimi Solo Ads

  • Hard to pick the right vendors.

Use This Trick To Find The Best Performing Solo Ads Providres On Udimi

Want to buy Udimi Solo Ads? but don’t know how to find the best solo ads sellers? 

Follow this super easy step-by-step guide to find winning solo ads vendor.

Step 1: First, go to Udimi and sign up. Fill in the details like your Name, Email id, and Password and hit the “Sign Up” button. (Get $5 Discount on your first purchase.)

sign up for udimi

You can also use a Google account to sign up; just click on the “Sign up with Google” option and boom, you just completed the sign up process.

Step 2: You will find multiple options on your screen. But you don’t need all of them to find your ideal solo ad seller. 

On the left side of you screen you have options like Home, Order, Message, Ad Text etc. And on the top side you have options like Find Sellers, Solo Deals, Affiliates , Forum and Help option. 


Let’s discuss these options one by one.

Home: Select this option to return to the home screen.

Order: Using this option, you can view and track the status of your orders.

Messages: All the communication with the seller will appear here.

Adtexts: You can create adtexts that are accessible via this option.

Money: Using this option, you can check your funds, refunds, and all the transactions. You can also add money to your account.

Optins: This option helps you track your opt-ins. Only Prime users can use it.

Settings: You can check and update your profile from here.

Find Sellers: Using this option, you can find solo ad sellers instantly. Click on this option, and you will see some filtter on your screen. Use them and find your ideal seller.

Solo Deals: Here you can find the latest solo deals.

Affiliates: Udimi also has an affiliate programme through which you can promote Udimi Solo ads and earn attractive commissions.

Forum: Udimi has robust expert community, and you can access that community using the form option. You can share your thoughts and experiences here, as well as connect with other people.

Help: Using this option, you can contact customer support and share your queries.

Go to the Forum option and then scroll down until you find Udimi Hall of Game option.

Udimi Main forum

Step 3: Udimi Hall of Fame is the place where you will find the list of Top Solo Ads Providers. 

Scroll down and check out the top 10 solo sellers on Udimi. These are the top solo ads sellers  who are selling the most solo ads on Udimi. 

Here you can read everything about these solo ads vendors, like how long they have been selling the solo ads, how many solo ads they have sold, how many visitors they have sent, etc.

For example- Daniel Huppertz is the Top solo ads seller on Udimi and has been in the top position for the last 7 months in a row, which shows that his solo ads are amazing and generating sales for buyers.

Udimi Hall of Fame

Step 4: To read more about the solo seller, just click on the seller’s profile, and you can read all the details of the seller. 

For example, let’s check out Daniel Huppertz’s profile. As you can see, his record is phenomenal. He got a 4325 positive rating, and out of every 100 solos, 42% of his customers got a sale.

Best solo ads vendor Daniel Huppertz

Scroll down and you will see ratings and all the reviews for the seller.

solo ads seller on Udimi

Trick To Find The Best Solo Ads Provider With Tier 1 Traffic

Well, if you want to buy solo ads for only Tier 1 countries, then you can use this trick to filter the Best Solo Ads Sellers for Tier 1 traffic.

  • First, login to your Udimi dashboard and then click on the “Find Sellers” option.
filtter Udimi solo ads
  • You will see options like this on your screen. Search for Main Traffic source option and click on it. Now click on the “All Countries” and then select “Top Tier Countries” option.
  • After that, move to another option that is “Got Sale” Click on it and select the “50%” ratio from the drop-down.
  • Other than these options, you can use the “Price” and “Rating” options to set the maximum price and rating. 
  • Now scroll down and check out the given result. These are the best solo ads vendors who are providing Tire 1 traffic with a minimum 50% Got Sale ratio. 
Udimi solo ads for 50 visitors at price 1 only with sales
  • Check out all the best solo ads sellers one by one. 
  • Here’s a seller Brandon Sean who sells top-tier solo ads on Udimi with an “80%” “I got sales” buyer rating and have more than 2000+ Positive Ratings and 25% repeat orders.
Brandon Sean solo ads seller on Udimi

Top Solo Ad Providers on Udimi

  • 2,118 Positive ratings 
  • 90% reported sales
  • 27% Repeat Order
  • 100% TOP-TIER Traffic (US,UK,CA,AU,NZ )
  • 10 % -20% Over-delivery for sure
  • A full squeeze page & Funnel Review
  • SPECIAL 1: If you spend over $250 on a single order then you will get FREE Custom ad text.
  • SPECIAL 2: If you order 500 clicks & Above you will get over 100- pre-written emails
  • SPECIAL 3: If you order 1000 clicks you will get a special surprise.
  • 4397 Positive ratings
  • 0% Negative Rating
  • 52% reported sales
  • 21% Repeat Order
  • Hall of Fame member, 22 awards
  • 92% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • 22% Repeat Orders
  • 10 % Over-delivery for sure
  • Topper of Hall of Fame
  • Won 14 awards
  • Trusted by 8,500+ Customers 
  •  3172 Positive ratings 
  • 69% reported sales
  • 26% Repeat Order
  • 97+% TOP TIER TRAFFIC Guaranteed (US / UK / CA / AU / NZ)
  • 10 % -20% Over-delivery GUARANTEED
  • 100% MMO/IM/MLM/BIZOPP Targeted Clicks
  • FREE Professional AD COPY
  • 3703 Positive ratings
  • 88% reported sales
  • 99% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • 22% Repeat Orders
  • 5 % Over-delivery for sure
  • Hall of Fame member, and won 14 awards
  • 3608 Positive ratings 
  • 80% reported sales
  • 22% Repeat Order
  • 97% Top Tier Traffic
  • 10 % Over-delivery
  • FREE funnel and landing page review
  • Traffic suitable for MLM, Bizop, Crypto, Make money online
  • 2203 Positive ratings
  • 77% reported sales
  • 18% Repeat Order
  • 97% TOP-TIER Traffic
  • 22% Repeat Orders
  • 5 % Over-delivery for sure

Next we have 7daysbuyers.   It was founded by Petar Kostadinov who is a well know solo ads seller on the internet. Let’s see if he really provides the best solo ads and why you should try 7daysbuyers- 

  • Highly targeted audience, which is more likely to buy your product.
  • Tier 1 Traffic: He is delivering high-quality Tier 1 traffic, in which countries such as the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Canada, are included.
  • Daily New Traffic: He claims that he adds 300 to 1000 new subscribers per day to his email list.
  • On-time Delivery: He can deliver traffic to you within 24 hours or less.
  • Every order qualifies for up to 20% over-delivery. 
SoloAds X Traffic that converts

Next we have SoloAdsx. It was started in December 2012 and sinch then it has been delivery high quality solo ad traffic to its customers and helping them achive their targets.

Buying solo ads can be tricky on SoloAdsx. Follow the steps and learn how to buy traffic from solo ad vendors on SoloAdsX

1. Go to SoloAdsX and then choose the seller from the list.

2. You will be redirected to a new page, where you have to use the ‘Contact’ button to get in touch with the solo ad providers.

3. In the next step, you have to choose the plan (how much click you want to buy/traffic), which is totally up to you. After you pick a plan, give him the link that you want to promote.

4. You can ask him about delivery time, and the stats link (how and where you can check the traffic stats in real-time). 

5. Make the payment and monitor you solo ad vendor’s traffic.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Solo Ads in 2023

How to find best solo ads for Affilaite Marekting?

Well, there are multiple platforms where you can find the best solo ads for affiliate marketing, but we recommend Udimi solo ads. Here you can find thousands of solo ads sellers with just a click. You can fillter the seller using keywords, niche, price, and sales. Sign up using any link given on this page and get $5 discount on your first order.

Are solo ads good for affiliate marketing?

The answer is yes. When we compared it to other online marketing platforms like Google Ads, Twitter Ads, and Facebook Ads, we discovered that it worked really well, and our CPL (cost per lead) was also quite cheap.

Can you run ads for affiliate marketing?

Yes, you can run online ads to promote affiliate products. Before running any ads, make sure you read all the terms and conditions, like on which platform you can run ads, so that you don’t violate any terms and conditions while promoting the affiliate product.

How much do solo ads cost?

The cost of solo ads is determined by a variety of factors. If you buy it from a rookie, you may get it for a very low price. 
However, if you buy solo ads from an established seller, he may charge you a lot of money.

Solo ads typically cost between $0.20 and $1 per click. If you are looking for the best solo ads, then you should check out Udimi. Here you can find thousands of solo ad sellers who can provide you with best-in-class traffic within your budget.

Are Google ads good for affiliates?

Well, they are good, but not the best. If you really want to promote an affiliate product, then you should use Solo ads. They perform better than Google ads because they are highly targeted and provide high quality, buying-intent visitors, which are more likely to convert.

Are solo ads worth it?

Yes, they are. If you compare them with other online marketing platforms, then you will find that they are converting far better than other online platfroms.

How to Sell solo ads and make money online?

You can register yourself on solo ad selling platforms like Udimi, and Soloadx and start selling your ads.

What is a solo ad vendor?

A solo ad vendor is the person who owns an email list and charges you some amount to share your products with its email subscribers. 

What is the best place to buy solo ads for affiliate marketing?

Well, if i have to recommend one name where you can buy solo ads for affiliate marketing then that would be Udimi. It is one of the biggest market space where you can find thousands of solo ads vendor and hire them at very reasonable price.

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