15 Must Have Best Product- AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2020

15 Hottest Product - AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2020

appsumo black friday deals 2020

The Great AppSumo Black Friday Sale 2020 is already live and this time they have revealed 15 Premium Software that is worth every single penny you spend on them.

About AppSumo

Don’t know what is AppSumo, well it’s an osm platform that offers lifetime deals on business software using that you grow your business to the next level.

And the Black Friday sale gives you one more reason to celebrate the joy of buying your favorite applications at very cheap prices.

So, without wasting any second, let’s jump into the main part and see what they have this time.

As I told you earlier, this time AppSumo revealed the 15 hottest Software.

So, let’s explore them one by one.

We all know content is the most important part of a website, and writing an SEO Friendly content can help you get more backlinks and better ranking in Google. So, if you want to write SEO-friendly content efficiently then Frase is a good option for you.

Features- Frase

  • Unlimited question research queries
  • Unlimited concept maps
  • Google Search Console Integration
  • Boost rankings with AI optimization
  • Best Alternative: Clearscope

Regular Price: $469

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $79 (Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

If you’re a content writer or video maker then you might find transcription and subtitle a big headache. Well, Happy Scribe is here to rescue you. It is a powerful tool that will automatically analyze the content and create transcription and subtitle for you, isn’t that osm.

Using Happy Scribe, you can generate transcripts and subtitles in just a few seconds, with 100% accurately.

Features-Happy Scribe

  • Automatic audio and video transcriptions 
  • Add Advanced punctuation
  • Highlight Text and comment
  • Control characters per second
  • Speaker identification
  • Transcribe your reach and work in 119+ languages
  • Advance Proofreading helper

Best Alternative: Trint

Regular Value: $324

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $69 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

Don’t know how to grow and manage your social media effectively?

Don’t worry Publer can help you.

Publer is a social media marketing software using that you can create, schedule, and manage posts (up to 500) at once across all the popular social networks.

Features- Publer

  • Manage and Schedule up to 500 posts at once
  • Collaborate with your team members
  • Unlimited Posts, Unlimited Drafts
  • Schedule Your YouTube Video in one click
  • Comprehensive insights

Regular Price: $683

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Want something that can help you in managing all your business and clients in one place, AppSumo hears you and have something special for you.

SuiteDash- It is a cloud-based tool that helps you manage all your projects, clients, and other important business stuff in one place.

Features- SuiteDash

  • Access client portals
  • White label PWA mobile app
  • Custom funnel pages
  • Proposals & eSigning
  • Custom branded URL and login
  • Email marketing toolkit
  • Best Alternative: vCita and Bitrix24 

Regular Price: $1188

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $79 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal

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Whether you are a content writer or blogger you will need high-quality royalty-free images, to make your content more attractive?

Depositphotos is a one-stop destination to find royalty-free stock images.

Features- Depositphotos

  • 110+ million royalty-free HD+ Photos 
  • HD+ Vector images
  • Best Alternative: Getty Images

Regular Price: $500

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $39 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Managing your transactional emails and newsletters can be a mess, but if you have MailPoet then you never fear about them.

Using MailPoet you can design and send Professional marketing emails directly from WordPress.

Features- MailPoet

  • Limitless lists and segments
  • 50 starter templates with customizable drag-and-drop sections
  • WooCommerce integration
  • White Label

Regular Price: $499

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

Searching for the best tool to manage your projects?

Nifty is all in one tool that lets you view and manage all your work in one simple and interactive way. With Nifty you can easily track task assignments, activities, etc. across projects.

Features- Nifty

  • Unlimited clients and guests
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Real-time project reporting and status updates.
  • Real-time discussions
  • Google single sign-on (SSO)
  • 1 on 1 chat with team members 
  • Alternative: Basecamp

Regular Price: $1428

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

Do you want a tool that can help you in creating, customizing, and selling your own online courses at an affordable price?

Well FreshLMS is here to help you.

Features- FreshLMS

  • Create Unlimited Course
  • Add Unlimited Students
  • 3 Hosted Videos on every Landing Page
  • Upload Study Material Like videos and audio
  • Create and share assessments and quizzes
  • Multiple Platform Integration
  • Best Alternative: LearnDash

Regular Price: $468

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $99 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

Do you want something that can hold all your Big ideas?

Well, Ideanote is a simple tool that gives you access to your branded workspace, where you can collect Big ideas, measure impact, and engage with the right people.

Features- Ideanote

  • Your Own Workspace where you can generate limitless powerful ideas 
  • Easily Manageable Performance analytics on innovation and people
  • Advanced audience segmentation
  • Custom idea fields and templates
  • Alternative: Brightidea

Regular Price:  $2988

AppSumo Black Friday Deal Price: $59 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

If you ever wonder how we can display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, geolocation, or language? If yes then I have good news for you, there is a tool by the name of If-So that can do all this work seamlessly.

Features- If-So Dynamic Content

  • No coding requires
  • Device type and User IP address
  • Built-in statistics 
  • UTM parameters and Browser language
  • Google and FB Ads
  • Alternative: Pardot and ActiveDEMAND

Regular Price:  $199

Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal Now

Do you want freshly handpicked content for your audience without doing any manual work?

Quuu is the best option for you.

Features- Quuu

  • 500+ content categories to choose from 
  • Integrate and Share Automatically
  • Alternative: Crowd fire and Hootsuite

Regular Price: $228

Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

VideoPeel is the best platform for collecting, sharing, and managing video testimonials from one single location.

Features- VideoPeel

  • YouTube and Facebook Video syndication
  • Easy Video transcripts
  • For easy video Tagging & filtering
  • Unlimited video custom
  • Remote video capturing

Regular Price:  $828

Black Friday Deal Price: $69 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Are you tired of scattered data all over different platforms? Not anymore!

Oviond is a fully customizable platform where you can host all of your digital marketing data effortlessly.

Features- Oviond

  • Easily customizable dashboards
  • Integrate Google Analytics, Facebook, and many more
  • white-labeled marketing
  • Real-time marketing insights
  • Custom Email
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Alternative: Swydo

Regular Price: $1188 

Black Friday Deal Price: $59 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get This AppSumo Black Friday Deal

If your website isn’t working fine or hacked by some, then don’t worry WP Rest is here for you.

Using this WordPress plugin, you can install plugins and themes, reset defaults, and restore your website.

Features- WP Reset

  • Delete or Reset your WordPress site instantly
  • Install Collectively all your favorite themes and plugins
  • Restore your damaged sites
  • Easily Snapshots 

Regular Price: $158

Black Friday Deal Price: $49 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Looking for the best referral marketing platform that can create viral giveaways, contests, and rewards, well Viral Loops is here.

Feature-Viral Loops

  • Pre-launch campaign and Viral giveaways templates
  • Osm Viral Loop pages
  • Referral campaign templates
  • API access
  • Multiple Widgets & landing pages
  • Email & campaign management
  • Detailed Analytics & reporting

Regular Price: $1500

 Black Friday Deal Price: $59 (For Lifetime Access) 

Get this AppSumo Black Friday Deal

Final Thought

I have listed all the 15 hottest Products that you can buy during AppSumo deals. I must say, each of them is a must-have product. Now it’s your turn, don’t miss the deal, get them before the sale end.

Frequently Asked Questions

It start on November 22, but it is extended to 4 December.

As per our sources it start between  November 30-  December 5.

 No, you don’t need any coupon to avail AppSumo Black Friday Deals discounts. When you click the given special links they will automatically apply the discount.

You can use Credit card or PayPal account.

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