Apple Debuts 24-inch iMac with M3 Chips – Video


Speaker 1: We are updating the 24 inch iMac for the first time by giving it the M three chip millions of users around the world from families to business owners. Absolutely love the 24 inch iMac. In fact, it’s the world’s best selling all in one. Well, tonight thanks to the efficiency of Apple silicon, we’re giving iMac a giant leap in performance while keeping the same impossibly thin design and spectrum of seven vibrant colors With M three iMac is up to two [00:00:30] times faster than iMac with M one, and you’ll feel its speed and power in everything you do. From multitasking across everyday productivity apps to exploring creative passions like editing high resolution photos, or multiple streams of four K video to playing your favorite games like firmament, which load faster than ever and just look incredible. For those who are upgrading from an Intel based iMac, you’ll experience a huge difference in performance and features [00:01:00] compared to the most popular 27 inch models.

Speaker 1: IMac with M three is up to two and a half times faster, and when compared to the most powerful 21 and a half inch iMac model, it’s up to a remarkable four times faster, and you’ll love seeing everything come to life on the beautiful, large and immersive 24 inch, 4.5 K retina display. It’s the perfect size and resolution to replace both the four K and the five K Intel-based models in an even more versatile [00:01:30] and stunning design. Whichever model you’re coming from, you’ll appreciate the enormous amount of screen real estate on the new iMac display, along with 11 million pixels, 500 nits of brightness, and over a billion colors. It’s an expansive canvas that lets you spread out with all your favorite apps. You also get great features like a 10 80 P FaceTime camera, a six speaker sound system with spatial audio and studio quality mics, which create an unmatched video conferencing experience.

Speaker 1: [00:02:00] In addition, you’ll also get the advanced technologies of apple silicon, like the neural engine and media engine for incredible machine learning and video performance, and the option to choose a magic keyboard with touch ID for secure login and payments. Finally, the integration of iPhone, iMac, and your other Apple devices. Together with the performance of M three, boost your creativity and productivity in fun new ways. You could do things like send a message or answer a phone call right from your Mac [00:02:30] or scan a document with your iPhone and watch it instantly appear altogether. The iMac experience is simply unrivaled. So that’s the new iMac with the remarkable performance of M three, featuring an expansive 4.5 K retina display, faster wireless connectivity, a striking design, and a seamless experience with iPhone. It’s the world’s best all in one, and even with all of these incredible and innovative features, IMAX still starts [00:03:00] at just 1299. You can order it today and it’ll be available next week.


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