5 pests that bite you in your sleep


Pests are both annoying and frustrating to have around the home. Often hard to spot, and tricky to remove, they can make things uncomfortable to say the least. For instance, it’s never nice to hear scuttling in the walls as mice move around, or to spot a roach running for the hills when you flick the lights on. But, for some, the worst kinds of pests are those that bite you in the night. 

Certain pests regard us as a food source, and wait until we rest to reveal themselves. They’re telltale by the bite marks they leave behind on your skin, and often go unspotted otherwise. It’s important that you address such a problem as soon as possible, because depending on the pest, biting can transmit disease and cause skin irritations, leading to infections. It’s not a pleasant thought as you sleep either. If you’re worried something is making a meal of you at night, here we list 5 pests that bite you in your sleep, as well as what to do if you suspect them.

1. Bed bugs 

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If you wake up covered with bite marks, bed bugs are usually the first suspicion — one of the 7 telltale signs of bed bugs in your home. These tiny insects will hide close to where you sleep (often around the bed and mattress for this reason), and then emerge to feed on you while you rest. They will generally bite wherever skin is exposed, leaving zig zag or lined patterns of inflamed pimples behind.  While they won’t transmit disease, these bite marks can sometimes be itchy or blister, so you will want to deal with such pests. Add to that, they spread very easily via textiles and become all the more difficult to remove if given time to breed and infest. 


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