12 Minute Affiliate System- Scam Or Legit(My Experience)

12 Minute Affiliate System, Real Truth Behind It.

12 Minute Affiliate review

Thank You for stopping by, I can see you are interested in Affiliate/Online Marketing and want to learn about best online earning sources and if they are legit or not.

Everyday I saw lots of people on Google who keep posting fake reviews on online products and misguide their audience. Same thing they did with 12 Minute Affiliate because they just want to earn commission.

No-one even trying to tell their audience what is the real truth behind this system. 

I am not the one who will lied to my audience like these people do, to earn some commission, so i decide to use 12 Minute Affiliate System. And after using it for a while I decide to write 12 Minute Affiliate Review. This review is for all those people who want to know about the 12 Minute Affiliate Program but didn’t get the legit information. Note: Only a real user can tell you real pros and cons about the program. 

In my  12 Minute Affiliate Review I will cover:

  • What is the 12 Minute Affiliate System?
  • Who is Devon Brown?
  • 12 Minute Affiliate System Scam or legit?
  • How does 12 Minute Affiliate System work?
  • Before you buy, Keep in mind
  • Issues with 12 Minute Affiliate
  • What I Like and Dislike About 12 Minute Affiliate
  • Conclusion

What Is The 12 Minute Affiliate System

The 12 Minute Affiliate System is a Done for You (DFY) system which means all the hard work is already done by the company and you just need to setup and  wait for your commission.

Using 12 Minute Affiliate you will be promoting Clickbank’s affiliate products. As per the creator( Devon Brown) you can create passive income by working 12 Minutes in a day.

Who Is Devon Brown?

Devon Brown is a marketing expert, success coach, and blogger. He used his years of marketing skills to develop 12 Minute Affiliate System. According to Devon, 12 Minute Affiliate System is the fastest and smartest way to generate affiliate income even if you are a newbie.

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12 Minute Affiliate System Scam or legit?

On first thought 12 Minute Affiliate  sound like a scam but it is not a scam. It is working on paid promotion principle in which you promote other affiliate products using paid traffic and earn commission.

Yes you can’t start earning in just 12 minutes but if you subscribe for this system then using it you can generate some sales. Again there is no guarantee that every one get the same results because its all depend upon the effort they made.

Also they have a Private group on Facebook where you can interact with other affiliate marketer and ask for their guidance. 

fb page

How Does 12 Minute Affiliate System Work?

I will try to explain you everything in just 2 Steps. So, follow these steps carefully.

Step 1: Join 12 Minute Affiliate System and login to your account.

login to 12 minute affiliate system

Step 2: Setup the system

Create an Affiliate account (takes less than 5 minutes)

Once you login to your account first thing you will do is create a free affiliate account. Using this program, you can create a free affiliate account with Clickbank in less than a minute.

affiliate account
Clickbank is a market leader in affiliate marketing and has been in the market for the past 20+ years. People can join Clickbank for free and promote any listed product they want and earn commission

Setup Auto-Responder (takes less than 5 minutes)

An Autoresponder is a tool that is used to create an email list and send emails. First click on the button and get you AWeber account. In next step Connect your autoresponder with your landing/funnel page to collect emails.

AWeber account setup

12 Minute affiliate team has pre-written emails and you can import all the pre-written emails to your AWeber account (with your affiliate links).  With 12 Minute Affiliate system you will get different email sets and each email set has 80 pre-written emails- valued at $3200.

(With AWeber’s basic plan you can create 500 subscribers email list and their basic will cost you $19/month. AWeber also offers a 30-day free trial which is enough to generate some leads.)

setup responder
Hire 12 Minute Affiliate Team
If you find it difficult to set up, you can pay a minimal fee to 12 Minute Affiliate team and they will set up your account. I will suggest you do it yourself, by doing it yourself you will learn something new, if anything goes wrong you have instruction on member’s area to help you.
12 minute account setup

Setup Funnel Pages

Next, we have 12 Minute Affiliate funnel page setup. Before you can set up your Funnel you need to choose a niche from the given option –Online Business, Personal Development. and Health.

Once you select the niche its time to select a template. You will get plenty of options to choose from. Select one and do some changes and make it unique. The best thing about the 12 Minute affiliate system is that you do not need to create a website, you just need a landing page which is provided and hosted by the company. You just need to bring visitors to this landing page.

landing pages

Send Free/Paid Traffic

After you set up a landing page now you have to decide what traffic you want?You have two kinds of traffic options- Free and Paid traffic.

You can opt for free traffic which is free of cost but takes time or go for Paid traffic which will cost you some bucks but save you lots of time and convert well.

12 Minute Affiliate provides their own traffic sources, you just need to pick how many visitors you want and on which page you want to send them. (Note: This is not free and you need to pay for it and there is no guarantee that this traffic brings leads)

Good opt-in pages have a 30%-50% opt-in rate,
So if you send 1000 traffic then 300-500 people will opt-in. Once they added to your email list you can send them offers. When they buy it you will earn a commission

done for you traffic

Products You Promote

By clicking on Top Affiliate Products option in the sidebar menu and you can see a list of products that you can promote. Each Niche has different products like in first niche you will promote products like Super Affiliate System, Six figure Success Academy etc.

second product

Before You Buy, Keep In Mind

The 12 Minute Game – For one minute is sound like a scam, how you can start earning in just 12 minutes, but when you saw the procedure and how it will work you will understand that this thing is genuine and how people are using it to generate sales. Yes, this thing can’t make you rich overnight but, this thing really works.

The second thing is that even everything is automatic and you just need to setup and send some quality traffic to your landing page, I think this process takes more than 12 minutes to complete everything.

The Email Auto-Responder– Email auto-responder is necessary as it will handle all the promotional emails and you can’t work without it. And I already told you that 12 Minute Affiliate using AWeber as an email auto-responder which is not free. Good thing is they offer 30-day free trial and once the trail over they charge you $19/month.

Traffic Options– 12 Minute Affiliate offer paid traffic which you can use to generate leads. The thing you should remember about this.

  • You are paying for this traffic which is an extra cost to you.
  • No guarantee about the traffic and how much leads or opt-in you will get from that.
  • You have no idea where your traffic is coming from.

Upsells Offers–Once you buy the 12 Minute Affiliate system you will get two options to choose from.

  • Basic membership: It will cost you $47 per month or a one-time fee of $397.
  • Gold membership: It will cost you $97 per month or a one time fee of $797.

You must be wondering what is the difference between Basic and Gold Membership?

As I told you earlier, they have 3 niches (Home Business, Personal Development, Weight Loss) and if you buy their Basic membership you can work with only 1 niche, but with their Golden membership, you’re allowed to use all 3 niches.month.

if you sign up for 12 Minute Affiliate, they will let you use their product for 14 days. And if you like the program then you can continue it by paying $47 per or $97 per

Get It Now

Issues with 12 Minute Affiliate

12 Minute Affiliate is not a scam. It transforming many lives but there are some issues which you should consider before you buy it.  

  • 12 Minute Affiliate Program is a done for you program which means everything is already done by the company you just need to send traffic and start earning, but this makes you totally dependent upon them. If the company shuts down or disappears, your business will go with them.
  • In the 12 Minute Affiliate Program, you will promote pre-defined products that were picked by the company. This means you are restricted to promote those products only and can’t promote any other products. If you are concern about earning, then let me tell you all the picked products have high conversion ratio with high commission.
  • If you create your website using WordPress or Click Funnel you can customize it as per your choice and make it more attractive. But with 12 Minute Affiliate Program you get limited pre-designed Landing/Sales Pages, it is possible that you will be using the same landing/sales page that every other member is using.
  • The next big concern is traffic. We don’t know about the traffic source and what kind of people we are targeting. Paid traffic is the best way to generate leads but it will cost you huge money, and there is no refund option on paid traffic.

What I Like About 12 Minute Affiliate System

  • This product is created by Devon Brown and he is a genuine person and has a good reputation in the market. Having a good reputation means people trust him and his products.
  • You don’t need a website to start your online business. You will use their pre-designed landing/sales pages to generate leads and all these landing/sales pages are hosted by the company.
  • When you sign up for the 12 Minute Affiliate system you will be added to their Special Facebook Group where you can interact with other Affiliate Marketers and ask for guidance and support.

What I Don’t Like

  • It is a bit expensive; their basic plan will cost you $47/month in which you can choose only one niche, and if you want all 3 niches then you need to pay for Gold Plan which will cost you $97/month.
  • Other than this payment you need to pay for the autoresponder and Paid traffic.
  • You will use their landing/sales page under their hosting, so if anything happens to the 12 Minute Affiliate System, you would lose access to your income source.


First thing 12 Minute Affiliate system is legit and second thing it will not make you rich overnight. No one guarantee you if this program will work for you or not.

Your success is depends on your goals, and your effort. I will suggest you should try this if you want to create a affiliate marketing business. 

I hope my 12 Minute Affiliate Review will help you. If you have any doubt or suggestion please comment below. 

Yes I Want To Try 12 Minute Affiliate

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